Land Conservation Agreement Signed

first_imgNova Scotians will soon see more wilderness conservation, thanksto a new partnership agreement. Richard Hurlburt, Minister of Natural Resources, and MartinJanowitz, president of the Nova Scotia Nature Trust (NatureTrust), announced the new land conservation agreement today,April 7. The Lands and Legacies Conservation Partnership enables theprovince to provide the Nature Trust with $300,000 over a three-year period. In return, the Trust will transfer to the provincelands with an appraised market value of no less than $300,000. The lands transferred to the province will be private landslocated within areas designated, or proposed to be designated,under the Wilderness Areas Protection Act and the Special PlacesProtection Act or similar conservation legislation. “By combining the resources of both organizations, we are able toacquire lands in ecologically significant natural areas forconservation and preservation purposes,” said Mr. Hurlburt. “Thisagreement is a powerful tool for securing a land base, which willbenefit existing and future generations of Nova Scotians.” The Trust will also buy land or work with private landowners tosecure donations of land and conservation easements. Aconservation easement allows the landowner to restrict activitiesand developments on their land to protect the naturalenvironment. Such easements become part of the legal land titleand remain in place for future owners. These lands will be ownedand managed by the Trust. As part of the agreement, the organization will also provide landmanagement and education programs, designed to promote awarenessamong private landowners about the ecological significance oftheir lands and options for conservation. “The Lands and Legacies Conservation Partnership is an excellentstep forward for land conservation in Nova Scotia,” said Mr.Janowitz. “With over three quarters of the province in privateownership, including many of our most unique and outstandingnatural areas, the approach taken by the Nature Trust is criticalfor effective conservation of our natural heritage. Thegovernment’s support for the Nova Scotia Nature Trust is timelyand vital.” The Trust is the only provincial organization focused exclusivelyon protecting Nova Scotia’s natural legacy through private landconservation. The Trust works with private landowners and otherpartners to protect significant natural areas throughout theprovince. They protect these lands primarily through acquisitionand conservation easements. The Trust also develops andimplements campaigns and projects to identify and protect placesof unique environmental value and to educate Nova Scotians on howto provide care and management of their lands.last_img

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