Standard network use Soso to ask do promotion experience share

do SEO webmaster all know now the chain has become more and more difficult, the high quality of the chain is more difficult, according to my own experience in terms of daily published a lot of junk the chain to bear the risk be deleted at any time, as to the weight of the high platform every day to do a few outside the chain, so as to get the effect no more than the former effect is poor, so ask soso is a very good platform, and compared to Baidu know it is not so strict auditing system. Here for the standard network in the use of Soso Ask to do promotion of successful cases, and share with you. read more

Ten issues that must be considered for independent blogs

count, independent blog has entered the arena more than half a year. Only experience, I can only be a rookie webmaster, but in the 7 months to do the station process, there have been a lot of efforts, for independent blog positioning, now also have a bit of their own views. Having recently prepared some adjustments to the direction of the station, I came up with the idea that an independent blogger should think about some issues. Summed up, there are ten main problems, written here in the memorandum, and later have time to do the argument. read more

Talking about how to manage time scientifically and how to improve efficiency


time is money," that’s true. Last week’s telecommunications paralysis, Tencent dropped the incident, a large number of users throughout the country have been affected to varying degrees. Many users and owners worried. An hour of dropped or broken network may bring double economic losses, Taobao shop can not be normal business, the lottery can not bet on the Internet, the company video conferencing interruption, news interviews can not be submitted on time. Now the society has been highly information-based, daily dependence on the Internet more and more heavy, and temporarily broken network may not be long, but the loss has doubled. In the Internet information age, the role of time has been raised to a new level, race against time is the rule of each webmaster. read more

Trade station promotion skills

as stationmaster, feel the deepest than website promotion. Author builds a station early days, be in all day bubble in A5, backward and SEO forum, the method that studies website promotion. Every day we get up earlier than chicken, sleep later than the dog everywhere, like a thief posts, cheek for link exchange in Baidu know an answer. Adhere to more than two months, with little success. Later, read a friend’s article, using QQ promotion, I did not expect actually received good results. Below, I put out my promotion process, hoping to give the webmaster a little inspiration, but also welcome criticism, correction. read more

The copyright issue also talk about the webmaster submission and Linghu Gu

read in the ADMIN5 today to talk about "horse prairie: three station" this article from the submission of copyright, and see the CHINAZ editor’s response:

Linghu solitary

I am CHINAZ Linghu using the ADMIN5 platform alone, to answer your question. Your manuscript is me the day of the audit, to answer your question:

1 and CZ retain 1 display opportunities for quality manuscripts, and there is no opportunity to display your web site, indicating that your article is not enough to attract attention,. read more

Song Yanguo how to retain customers in the process of network marketing

many enterprises in the network marketing have encountered such problems. That’s the effect. Site visits are also high, and the momentum is good. But keep customers, they cannot be transformed into economic effect, what is the reason? If you can retain customers in the process of network marketing? Today is to talk about the song Yanguo.

first, the use of network marketing skills, a single

many enterprises in the online marketing optimistic about the competitive ranking, or simply website optimization. Although this will increase website traffic, increase the weight of the website, but keep customers, the reason is that this extension is too single, with the development of the Internet age, more users or potential customers, they want to get the most complete information collection. It is not merely visual, but also auditory and sensory. Is a diverse experience. Only in this way can they be transformed into their own consumers and produce purchasing power. So that’s why online marketing has come today. We want to promote integrated marketing. read more

Ctrip CTRP raped star hotel site

this article has been going on for a long time. It may be a little disappointing. I’m really sorry to start writing this week. Let’s get to the point,


I entered the hotel Internet industry soon, Ctrip CTRIP as the industry leader, is certainly the first research and analysis to the CTRIP Website, on the business model and the Internet also has some, here we do not according to his business model analysis. This article mainly aims at the hotel which joins the Ctrip (which means Ctrip’s booking website), and analyzes the websites built by most of the hotels here. The word "rape" may not look good here, but I haven’t found any other words to describe it, for the moment. read more

6 years of professional site operations summary resources are the success or failure of magic weapon

types of Internet sites, some people do local stations, some people do professional stations, people do e-commerce, regardless of what type of Web site, as long as you find the direction, the site can do as much as possible. And what kind of website do you have? How do you do,


A5 on Thursday July 14th exceeded invited first constellations official Li Ruichen, professional operation of the site to share ideas, and site story first constellations in 6 years, this paper focuses on baby finishing, welcome to discuss. read more

Add 7 method of reverse link 12 coup

one. Cooperation law,

first recruit: Several webmaster meet cooperation, the implementation of three to the indirect exchange links, A chain to B, B chain to C, C chain to A.

two. Article

second strokes: write suitable for reprint articles, reasonable plus links, paste yourself to conspicuous place.

unique view is not so easy, you will write a summary, summary of the article is easy to let others reproduced, for example: 100 blog 10 methods, XXX XXX 10 XXX ten tips, myth, XXX (who may be excited, will write an article about). read more

How can a competitive healthcare industry survive

do not know if you have not found, in recent months, there have been frequent news reports of private hospitals and deceptive money pit news, the cure, illness, diagnosis and treatment of false fiction, arbitrary treatment, prescription and other various deeds have been exposed. How far can such a hospital be able to appeal?. So how can we survive in a competitive healthcare industry?.

nearly happened just a few days ago, in hospital Quanzhou, exposed the false diagnosis by layers of trap, a consumer fraud ring. No matter whether you are ill or not, you will be said to be ill after checking through the hospital. You will be frightened to the operation, and the hospital will provide you with an average cost of over $10000. A reporter on the investigation into the hospital, pretending to go to the hospital with film, and indeed the outside hospital doctor said, the tumor, need surgery, surgery is not easy to have an accident, probably thousands of big money, directly by reporters revealed that the hospital has now been closed down, the specific situation is still under investigation. read more

How does the website operate using the micro blog tool drain

is now a lot of micro-blog marketing owners are thinking about such a problem, web site operators how to use micro-blog drainage? Now in the micro-blog era of development like a raging fire, micro-blog has been recognized by many users, whether Sina or micro-blog or micro-blog Tencent, micro-blog and other mainstream user groups, has reached a certain the base, to the customer or from micro-blog in the development of drainage to their site, will take time and be creative, but the drainage effect is on the one hand, really need to do is how to realize the website profit and value, you want to get the user through the profit, so certain prerequisite is the need to have the user experience so, how to enhance the user experience and the degree of consistency is also need to think about. Now anaerobic passengers talk about how to use micro-blog drainage. read more

n 2008 a personal reference site

China’s personal website development in just 7 years, the rapid development,

currently has nearly 2 million of the webmaster, full-time webmaster more than 180 thousand, the number of sites more than 5 million

special finishing webmaster related website, for your reference, more understanding of personal webmaster information and dynamic, hope every webmaster can have good development,  : laggards forum has about 100000 of the members of the webmaster’s birthplace read more

Baidu H feel very good Figure

I didn’t pay much attention to Baidu HI, just received a friend’s invitation to HI, also installed a, a try, I feel pretty good.

1. installation process is simple, not wordy, there is no strong Baidu’s tie;


2. interface is clean;

3. is currently very useful;

4. doesn’t use much of it;

5., the default avatar and labels do pretty well, count the original.

I didn’t do IT reviews. I’d like to make some maps for you to see. The most realistic screenshots are as follows: read more

Baidu K station doom omen

I believe that every experienced webmaster has experienced the experience of K, except for the lucky ones. I do a few years, the site was K two times, two times after half a year, that is the lack of experience, in the optimization and the chain is not so cautious, a number of optimization, the pursuit of effective chain blindly, but ignore the gradual SEO rankings, indeed, long process! The site was K can be defensive, he is not occasional, saying that there must be some signs of A thing has its cause.! In K before the webmaster! If aware of these signs, will timely change strategy, so as to avoid the occurrence of bad luck, the following will experience K station phenomenon sharing: read more

Amoy boss make full use of each flow to enhance Taobao revenue

Qin people last talked about using station group, and the long tail word to do traffic, this is a method. And his long tail is really good. I see the analysis of some of his words such as "the best women’s clothing store, best menswear store such words in front of him, although not very long word searches some big words, but the conversion rate is very accurate, so some. This kind of word accumulates, the flow is also very impressive, and at that time, do this kind of word of the person is not much, it is easy to do. Friends who like this kind of practice can study it and continue doing it. There are many ways to do traffic, traffic, how to do the conversion is very important, after all we have to do is CPS, if the flow is the most valuable, so there is no good page conversion that is wasted, of course I do the page is not the best, not necessarily a high conversion rate. But I want to convey this idea. Flow came, and the optimization of the page is also very important, good page will make you twice the result with half the effort. read more

Do not blindly carry out website revision need to follow several principles

this article is the translation of Bowen of When You Should Decide Against Redesigning Your Website Not. The contents are as follows:

How to change your

every day in the room color? It sounds cool, but for the occupants, to constantly adapt to the new atmosphere in the room, must be very uncomfortable, finally it will produce fatigue, disgust. The same is true of the web interface. Here, I do not say that the original design of the site to all along. There is no denying the need to change and try some good design in terms of vision and experience. But don’t go to extremes. Don’t do odd things every day, such as changing the navigation or the entire website. read more

Look at the webmaster from the media the great God of the various charging mode

Hello, I’m Yinzhao. Today and we talk about the webmaster community from the media paid way to make money. Look at Lu Songsong, Feng Dongyang, the God of wealth, muchun, influential figures, what are you doing? Because these days I saw Lu Songsong, Feng Dongyang the God of wealth, have opened a payment model, I TM really calm down!!!

hot pay circle, pay you dare to talk about this ball pay? Oh, I dare never mind, the key is to have people to do, as a professional marketing experts to comment on Feng Dongyang take a look at the big brother of the younger brother of the support and encouragement of read more

Baidu thaw record

As long as the site is K or

domain was sealed. Owners are desperate, put out, began to lose, now just go to search for tens of thousands of squalling stationmaster. They called Baidu called Google. As our website is K to learn to find their own reasons, why your website will be closed, is how is the letter, not blindly to scold, is not you scolded Baidu put you, will thaw your website, I think it is not possible. So today I to share with you this time I re opened a website. Of course this is not to give her hope of advertising webmaster useful. read more

Baidu included a little bit of experience in the new station

today opened the computer, and the usual first is to enter the Baidu to see if there is Baidu included, the results today, scared me, oh, Baidu actually a collection of 78 articles. My website from today, April 24th to today, almost 2 weeks, I am site every day, every day disappointed. Today is finally included, it is on the 2 week summary of the inadequacies, please don’t laugh at me brother, oh……

1, first to find a few higher quality of the chain, preferably PR> =2 and some Baidu better and faster update station link. Of course, if the new station does not have the original intention to do with you, may consider to buy several links. read more

Do one hundred stops in 10 years or a station

morning to see an article about our famous Anhui master Qin Guohua established 10 years 100 sites (24 story interview Qin Guohua: 10 years of grassroots webmaster founded 100 website), said he was famous, to tell the truth, I really have not heard, or maybe I with very limited knowledge and scanty information on the industry, I know too little. Coincidentally, remember the morning to see a diversified research articles study the appliance industry and specialization, is the management of a vPro handwritten, which comes to bring a lot of diversification of well-known enterprises including Galanz, once the crowning calamity, the absolute leader in microwave oven industry, and later entered the air conditioning industry, and now, there is no improvement in air conditioning the microwave oven market, also lost most of Jiangshan; Chunlan air-conditioning, air-conditioning industry leader once, then not only do the refrigerator and washing machine, even the trucks have to do, the result? An air conditioner and the decline of the dynasty…… read more