The new plan six steps


site structure is very important, directly affects the user’s aesthetic senses, therefore, must be strictly in the structure design, the audience must according to user habits, product or program, do in the station optimization of science, such as the home where the need for optimization, where plate needs nofollow, column page article pages, and how the tag page, also, how to search and a time to do an overall planning, optimization of the site. These search engines are very important, of course, we can not ignore the user click behavior, so the navigation design must be concise and to the point and in line with the click behavior, user. read more

The investigation and analysis of Shanghai dragon industry in 2012

these are the respondents believe that growth in the past year in the top 5 service areas.

service composition and requirement of


participated in the survey of 65 countries, here are the top 25 countries surveyed:

what do we do? What do we need? 92% of the respondents have Shanghai Longfeng services as part of their portfolio

industrial development needs of the marketers tend to professional, and show that in the main clause in the 2012 survey, 47% of respondents said they would remain "generalized" or "more general", and the 39% will remain or become more professional. When access to every day they will spend much time in a variety of Internet marketing strategy research, their answer is amazing, for each strategy is 1 – 25% or less of the quarter time. Most Internet marketers are still wearing a hat over. read more

Basic knowledge of long tail keywords construction

continue to talk about my thinking mode of operation, how should you have many ways of mining. 1, to add regional keywords. With doubt. 2, check your traffic statistics, there will be unexpected gains. 3, using the keyword expansion tool, to judge and select some words. This is not to say, we all have grown up no matter what learning, learning should be thinking, rather than.

in the medical industry, do a simple description: if a region of a gynecological hospital website, we are generally in regional hospitals, or attending department and name as the target keywords disease, such as: Shenzhen gynecology hospital, which is our target keywords, the competition is relatively large, relatively search index high. Around this target keywords we can do: Shenzhen gynecological disease hospital, hospital of Shenzhen where home is good and similar adnexitis words, the degree of competition is relatively small, the search target more clear, also have a certain amount of search, is the long tail keywords we usually say. read more

Create a love Shanghai Wikipedia entry trick to add a site outside the chain

When adding

love Shanghai’s product line a lot, each need certain skills in order to obtain an ideal objective. Here to share with you some small personal feelings in sex Shanghai encyclopedia products, hope to those who still do not know how to love in distress in the Shanghai encyclopedia add the chain information to help a friend.

is best to add a 1. entry overview that theme.

this is similar to our storytelling, first opening point, an overview of the content and background of general entry. read more

Not good for small from the portal ALT label says Shanghai Dragon

"however, recently the United States of Shanghai dragon and Search Engine research website WebMarketingNow Academy according to the test of long believed that at present, three major search engines noble baby, Yahoo! And MSN search engine ranking algorithm will no longer be text information as the effective judgment factors of web content correlation in the ALT attribute of an image.

ALT label can be said to be allowed to use in the search engine on the web only legitimate hidden text, love Shanghai encyclopedia "ALT tag" entry definition said: "the ALT tag is actually the website picture text prompts…… When the mouse moves to the picture, will be prompted to "XX pictures", this is the picture that meaning or a comment that picture links meant the ALT tag in the HTML language is written like this: < img src=" " image path; alt=" picture description " />". read more

The penguin movie released this single large lot please don’t make bad filmsAfter 90 webmaster loc

In April,

single IP although very cattle, but also to make good films throughout the film – Penguin in 2016 a single chip, the film is the penguin many large IP are made into a movie tucao.

in June 12th, Penguin released its 2017 annual film list, releasing 60 projects. "The game", "antique", "sky" big Pillow Book III IP boarded a single. In addition, after the hole Guan Hu Sheng, Zhang Li also announced to join in, to create "ghost chuideng", he and Guan Hu respectively developed six of "ghost chuideng", so far, eight "ghost chuideng" director of the lineup also settled. Yang Yang, Wu Lei and other small meat, respectively, became a single actor in the film. From one point of view, is the phenomenon of large IP, with the audience of fans groups, but at the same time, the director is in the circle of the guide, actors are flow niche. read more

Enterprise how to prepare for the holiday station has been ranked the maintenance

examination may affect the site ranking risks, began a further maintenance ranking, so how to maintain this time ranking? Here we further analysis:

two: a ranking maintenance

After the

Spring Festival is approaching, most of the individual owners have relaxed the previous optimization into wildly beating gongs and drums, the atmosphere of the new year, idle Jane saw the single do optimization, is the story of the day. But the difference is that the companies in this station when it is entered the most intense ranking maintenance phase. Where is the reason? The Spring Festival holiday, who will maintain the business rankings? To maintain, I cannot avoid ranking was replaced. So enterprises how to face the optimization of the holidays? Today’s own view to summarize the binary share:
read more

A5 optimization group Standard punctuation optimization indispensable

"TITLE" is the most important part of the website title tag, directly affect the lifeblood of website. It can be said that in the website optimization process, if the TITLE Title Optimization is not in place, the development of the site is also bound by the limit height. Or the wrong title optimization will lead to some websites has not yet started, has been killed by search engine. Here we will look at these errors:

for the keywords keyword symbols, it is all sorts of strange things. I received a list of customers ". For space, finally the result is a keyword synthesis of all keywords, is this how to optimize keywords up? And this is not accidental, in website optimization also quite similar: read more

Analysis JCPenney search engine optimization failures and Enlightenment

from unrelated websites or authoritative website link appears to be in denial. From the car to a sales website home retail website links are considered irrelevant, and may actually be harmful. From a purely other links to web sites (also known as the "navigation website") links can also damage the reputation of your website. If in a short period of time to the number of links to a website increase, Google will also cast doubt on this. In a month to collect tens of thousands of links, but the site in this month to buy only 10 to 20 links, this may indicate that some of the links are planned. Finally, using the specialized search engine (not users) or "mirror sites will cause Google suspicion. read more

Do these details make you the Shanghai dragon effect strive for further improvement


site structure as far as possible the use of flat structure, so conducive to spider crawling. Navigation as a breadcrumb navigation, make a classification of two categories, this is not only conducive to spider crawling, but also give users a good experience. Then the content of the website, should pay attention to the stop words and noise. Stop words which had no real meaning of words, such as "Chinese" and "land", "English", "the", "a", "to" and so on, what these words because there is no real intention, so there is no impact on what the theme of the page, so we should as far as possible in the content the use of these words. What is the noise? The noise is copyright text, navigation, advertising and so on, to blog navigation common as an example, will appear the classification, historical archive navigation content almost every blog page, but the page itself and "classification" and "history", these words do not have any relationship. The noise will influence the theme of the web page, the judgment of search engines. So we should try to eliminate the noise, so as to help the search. read more

About 2011 Shanghai Longfeng change

as a new year has started, it is necessary to ensure that we provide our customers and our customers may be ready in 2011.

May change

another consideration is the speed of the site. The loading time become more and more important factors, Google on the site that is slow to load and the load has decided to start a punishment. So the website content loading within a reasonable period of time, is essential.

you may want to hire a waiter, you may need to find an address, you can find the answer in your pocket. read more

Discussion on the role of long tail keywords and how the choice of analysis

auxiliary function

, what is the long tail keywords


decided to

in addition, there are some words that may not search and do not want to give up, but do not want to go to do the bidding, also, we can use the long tail keywords promotion form to solve. Applicable scope, such as: some with many non main keywords have a certain influence and search volume, but not for money to do the bidding optimization.

only if a site master keyword, you can say that your promotion plan is not perfect. Even if your site is cattle visibility is high, many users may directly through the main search keywords you find you (such as your website is to love many people in Shanghai will directly search love Shanghai). But at the same time, there will be a lot of new users don’t understand you, this time, the long tail keywords play a role (for example, they will search some long tail keywords, such as: what is love love Shanghai, Shanghai how to use, etc.). This is what I want to say the long tail keywords play a supporting role in place. read more

Discussion on how to choose the right keywords webmaster website

consulting user suggestionsIf the


site development to a certain time is not clear to build what kind of keywords, it can exchange with the user, this is particularly important, because when you communicate with the user.

strong correlation with web site optimization can not only make up effort, but also be an easy job to do search led Zhi Qing mei. Most owners choose keywords are mainly to see the traffic flow, in fact the conversion rate of small words more and more, and the flow of what is the use, and not related to the website, search engine punishment will be late. The relative strength of keywords, no station can be given the standard, are in accordance with their own understanding to the division. But webmasters often feel that their words not bad ah, why not to rank? In fact, the main reason is that the correlation. Today the author of how to select the keywords of the strong correlation between share several steps. read more

A5 source April 2013 free website source recommendation

贵族宝贝down.admin5贵族宝贝/plus/search.php? Keyword=Discuz%21+X3.0& typeid=0& searchtype=title& kwtype=0& x=15& y=10

Discuz! X2.5 in April in addition to update some of the bug, according to the "security treasure" and "360 vulnerability collection platform, " Tencent security feedback platform" and other key recommendations made an important platform for security updates, A5 recommends that you update system source code. In addition, Discuz! X3 official version released in May, A5 recommended source webmaster to follow Discuz development. read more

Analysis of five items in the new Adsense website optimization also note


for the domestic individual stationmaster the hope that the site can in Shanghai have a good ranking, then rely on our website to fall in love with kelp and large numbers of traffic, in order to achieve this desire, many webmaster began on the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, efforts to enhance the website ranking up, however, is not the website optimization easy, not only on the outside of the chain piled on the line, because there are a lot of aspects need to pay attention to the webmaster understand, if not to pay attention to the webmaster, do website optimization Shanghai dragon is very likely not so successful, so webmaster should do to optimize the time in Shanghai dragon pay attention to what aspects of read more

App developers fall into the jungle users only love free appsnternet cock silk growth history 1

that was 2003. The first snow when I crouching in a window full of holes of the five square meters square meters.

remembers one day, a chance of coincidence, to enter the SEO industry. To tell the truth, at that time, although the university when learning is network professional, but the school teachers teach nothing more than programming what, for SEO these three letters are limited to the understanding of the situation.

these embarrassing highlights the fragility of the current local developers ecology. In fact, apple iOS share is only 17.3% in the Chinese operating system of intelligent mobile phone market 2012 2 quarter data, the app store has already pack and play, such as the platform of the three major telecom operators have built mobile application platform for investment, far more than apple. So far, however, the app store is still the only platform for money making by Chinese developers, and the gold mine is being eroded by chaos. read more

Dunhuang nets Wang Shutong entrepreneurs should continue to transcend change constantlySo Pangu the

2. Liu Jun was born in shlf1314. In 2010, after shlf1314 adjusted its policy in China, Liu Jun’s Web search and R & D team was affected, and finally Liu Jun chose to leave the enterprise. Liu Jun is also the shlf1314 Chinese turnover list, only take many programmers executives, shlf1314 search and founding team has nearly twenty people.

3. business for two years, Liu Jun said that the most important thing he learned, is to find a win-win road. In addition, he also found that such team spirit is completely different from that of shlf1314: "in big companies, you can do things quickly and slowly. It doesn’t matter. Now every step is solid and there is no escape route."". read more

Short video dilemma because Ali Tencent and other giants into the Bureau and break the iceSoft text

in the fight to a short video market with many short video, come to a standstill capital business. How to get out of the predicament, continue to profit, usher in the real spring, instead of a short burst of red, become every short video platform urgent need to solve the problem of life and death.

? ?

in addition to lack of content, the lack of profitability of short video platform is also a stumbling block to the development of the industry. Some of the short video platform with the topic and focus the public figure marketing hype, a short time to attract a large number of users, but due to the lack of long-term development planning, not popularity into a sustainable and profitable "selling points". read more

Entrepreneur Oscar the 24 year old CEO bought his first domain name at the age of 8Ali Alliance Alip

Falter says today’s Internet is very different from the Internet in the 90s. In the past, the Internet is like a huge pool of information users, and now the Internet although more information to the user, but the feeling is the Internet becomes small, everyday is the most used social media to share information with the people around me. When people began to share information, in fact, the scale of the Internet has become infinite.

although young, but Falter has a wealth of entrepreneurial experience. When she was only 8 years old, she bought the first domain name in her life. In her teens, she got her first job, making the MySpace homepage for Tribune Co. At the Lerer Ventures party, she was a student at Notre Dame. read more

51Talk beauty stocks listed behind still difficult to prevent sad cold capital markets Site group

the reason is relatively simple: Although revenue growth is very fast, but 51Talk itself is still in the loss; in the cold of the capital market, the growth rate of light is not enough, but also need to profit at the same time to market confidence. Especially in the past two years, China shares in the U. S. stock market as a whole downturn, 51Talk can not tell the Chinese story.

Abstract: the listing of 51Talk does not have the ability of market weathervane, nor can it set off a new round of listing of stocks to the United states. In the drop, the U. S. group public comment did not show that the listing is expected, the U. S. stock market in the new stocks will still be expected to lack. read more