How to shield the invalid keyword for promotion

then it will match the use of air compressor, air compressor, air compressor oil leakage "" rental "," air compressor accessories "," air compressor principle "," air compressor maintenance "," use "," air compressor, air compressor, air compressor "depreciation" Recruitment "," air compressor the role of "invalid keyword, and we are the sales of air compressor, apparently does not have any relationship with the purchase of these keywords. The air compressor manufacturers, the air compressor is the core keywords, the competition is very fierce, the top five bid more than 15 yuan, you can imagine, will waste much advertising every day. read more

How to understand the simple negative keywords

to sell a calendar based company, if the potential customer needs with Hello Kitty or Castles or Kitty and Castles with Hello calendar at the same time, they use the search term is nothing less than the "calendar" or "monthly calendar", and put aside these needs now in our view, it is fantastic.

first, we first look at a Thomas Edison once said.

AdWords service provider that the AdWords client almost half of advertisers do not have the PPC account separately add negative keywords. In short, that they missed the maximum promotion effect to improve the PPC group many accounts of the opportunity, although negative keywords plays a very important role in the promotion plan in ROI. As Edison said, the maximum Wear overalls and look a chance is always lot like work. But as the saying goes, now or never, let us like Edison, ready to seize the opportunities for negative keywords. read more

nternet marketing how to carry out the construction of the chain


so, how should the enterprise website construction of the chain of

write attractive soft


3) classification information platform

external promotion platform suitable

exchange Links


Links not only can effectively enhance the weight of the website and the PR value, but also can bring certain flow to the site. Need to pay attention to the exchange Links: 1) the selection of related with the content of the website; 2) note the site outside the chain chain not more than 30; 3) a try with a domain name domain name exchange (贵族宝贝); 4) choosing the right keywords. There are some Links before the exchange platform, such as, a chain exchange QQ group etc.. It is best to check each other by Shanghai dragon tools love Shanghai and try to weight the PR value, with their related website PR value or high exchange. read more

f you still stay with optimization techniques in content chain is dangerous

actually said content is king, the chain for the emperor of this era has passed one to refute me, many people use the two strokes could still take the keywords ranking do go up. I think the accurate statement should be "content is king, the chain for the emperor of this era has passed, this sentence is not to. You may also feel mysterious call, this is a ready to accept either course. Listen to me explain, you will agree, it is because of it: for new sites is still so that you spend less time in the early, spend lots of time in the chain. So your ranking is certainly can do it, but only for the new station, so say this to. Here’s why, why can this happen? We put the problem a bit further, it is because the search engine when judging a new data. As a new station may not have the user experience data, so only the data link. Is simply not the data, only the second, see the website data, it is recommended that the website data on other sites, in fact the real principle is this. read more

Learning website optimization must be five to know

two: the search engine spiders to clear the


in fact, this is the most basic requirements, we serve the search engine, if you do not know, it is difficult to effectively make love Shanghai search engine to your website ranking on the home page, the spider climb to our site through other web site, when our web site a lot when on the Internet, then every day will be very diligent spider come to our website, the website content included natural will slowly increase, so that the construction of the chain is very important! read more

Keywords Shanghai dragon Er where to find


is a popular and high flow in the most conspicuous place is the title?. What is the formation of the title keyword + long tail word?. Good words can let you out a good title, an article core is the title, keyword is the title of the backbone, because words can attract users click in, and web site traffic. So, it is important that keywords keywords, where to find? Most users search keywords to mining, the most fresh in where to



(1): Sina micro-blog


editorial recommendation a few words to you the Shanghai dragon Er according to their own experience in the search for keywords, or is the more precise keywords flow station. read more

Love Shanghai speed search low key on line supporting user experience of high profile luxury

if you love Shanghai, see this is a little nervous, but we have done for Shanghai dragon Er friends these are their competition has nothing to do with us, we are engaged in the search engine optimization work is peaceful to do their job! Love Shanghai for on-line search speed we are a great help, can also reflect the obvious love of Shanghai "user experience" attention from Shanghai love this move, so before we around the user experience to the efforts of the East will not pay, why the speed of search on-line supporting user experience of high-profile luxury? Next strawberry the Shanghai dragon city square dance for everyone to talk about: read more

have a way of mining the long tail keywords can DY

AdWords index, Shanghai love love Shanghai billboard is also a good reference.

1. texture, function, characteristics, such as: a material water heater, solar water heater, smart water heater

, a search engine by mining

Long tail keywords rival

is the same, in the search for a keyword, the search related search terms in the bottom of the page is our choice.

2. applications, geographical name, such as: household water heater, water heater in Xiamen.

4. origin, such as: Germany imported heat. read more

Love Shanghai and K station down the right reason

when the site’s robots.txt file errors, spiders can’t normal access to web pages, web site is the possibility of K, Google released the most intense, time is generally within 24 hours, the love of Shanghai is relatively slow, more generally, within a week.

1, robots.txt file error


love K station in Shanghai


automatic refresh code "Refresh" on the web page refresh will jump directly, this is cheating, the result is self-evident.


for the love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, to exercise the psychological ability, is a very good way, love Shanghai right down and K station happened in almost every day. Although love Shanghai itself there are many problems, but personally feel that when the problem appears before, first find the reasons from their own. read more

How to build a high standard clothing website

The construction of

we can combine the development strategy of clothing, through e-commerce platform or through the network to brand marketing and brand image planning, publicity, to further enhance a brand image of the enterprise, so can not only improve the clothing brand, but also the construction and development of the site is also a kind of effective propaganda.

high standard clothing site, not only to promote the cycle of communication between enterprises and consumers, and both sides in communication and negotiation can advance through the mall site for further in-depth communication and understanding. read more

Grassroots webmaster blog optimization method to expose the ultimate


third party blog is not no way to optimize? It is the blog optimization skills! Today will introduce ten blog optimization details: teach you to easily do the third party blog optimization! [to Sina blog as an example]

The first thing to do before the

Sina blog nickname is actually your blog name, so the choice of keywords is optimized as Sina nickname website title (title), if the keywords nickname has been registered may choose other standby for example, KSD9700 temperature control switch. read more

Shanghai Longfeng experience promotion skills to share

1, long tail keywords should be chosen and related products in the website optimization.

four: the selection method of long tail keywords.

many Webmaster Station flow for their optimization is small and have a headache, what blogs, forums, events and so on almost conventional methods are used, but their website is still not what too big change, in fact, for a website in addition to keywords can bring traffic, there is a large part of the long tail keywords, long tail keywords usually a long, usually by the 2-3 word combination, some phrases, in addition to the long tail keywords appear in the title of the page, but also exists in the content of the page, so how to find suitable for the analysis of long tail keywords? Here I will tell me to do a little bit of experience in Shanghai Longfeng, learn from each other. read more

Share five tips of Shanghai dragon website optimization


skills: keywords and description must correspond to keywords is loofah water, and describe it is slimming products, so that people through the search engine traffic often come because the conversion rate is too low, and does not correspond to their search target, so the keywords and description and site theme must correspond to the

! user experience!Inside this part of

in Europe and other developed countries, the entrance of the website are basically from the search engine, but for our country, because of the different levels of users, the search engine can only become one of the entrance of the site, but the proportion is quite high, at least 70%, and partly through direct navigation, traffic and so on however, the most important thing is the search engine, so for our personal website, to search engine optimization is very important, sometimes can be directly related to the success of your website! But how to do well site optimization of Shanghai dragon? Depend only on theoretical knowledge is not enough, also need to find their own the experience from practice, of course, to learn some successful experience, can let yourself take some detours on the road in Shanghai Longfeng optimization Three, the following tips is the author of his share in actual combat experience groping, hope to the webmaster friends help read more

Several big guess of love Shanghai adjustment

I love Shanghai and

guess two: occupy the search engine


guess four: pushing for advertising

for the love of Shanghai launched a related search on page second of the phenomenon, many Shanghai people think is to make an unnecessary move of the dragon. However, the beauty of Shanghai dragon week Jane love Shanghai this adjustment may be just a test, it first carried out, to see the result, if the result is good practice, if not canceled. After all, "Baidu" is difficult to read, do you think of read more

The core step bid keyword selection

above the circle of the search engine advertising some views for promotion Keywords choice, if there is still hope what problems or wrong points out and exchange.


1. brand


as the theme of the site is associated with their own, and as the audience will search what kind of words? And whether there are some keywords can affect the potential customers of the product preferences, so as to tap these potential customers more demand? Obviously, want to choose to search engine keyword bidding promotion, work hard to analysis and study is essential. So how should the specific reasonable to find accurate search engine for promotion of the keyword read more

The application of original content website optimization rules summary


search engine we return to nature, the search engine’s mission is to search for the needs of the user the first time is the most valuable content rather than some repetitive meaningless content. So the search engines love the original valuable content, this is what we need to do most.

two, in the eyes of the original search engine how to do

standard of original content

, a search engine to the content of the original

love Shanghai for judgment about the original article is always the webmaster concern, we in the end such as the construction of the content of the website? What kind of place is the original? Today in our own practical insights about the original Shanghai dragon of love Shanghai understanding. read more

PPC love Shanghai Google right to left

and Google both love Shanghai PPC is a left and a right away. Google on the left shows the natural search results, on the right shows PPC advertising, and make a clear distinction between the query, the user can choose which search results. Love Shanghai PPC advertising and natural search results appear on the left. 2008 love Shanghai experienced " bidding " storm, users questioned love Shanghai ranked not very objective. In order to solve this problem, the love of Shanghai launched –" new ad system; phoenix nest " (Pheonix Nest English), expect to solve Internet users search and PPC confusion. The phoenix nest system, advertisers can search for love in Shanghai to promote information for more efficient management and optimization, the promotion effect of more scientific evaluation. Love and Shanghai Google phoenix nest system similar to Adwords platform, but " " phoenix nest can provide delivery time; including the regional setting, budget, keyword recommended Tools > read more

The construction of the chain of different platform note sharing

5 blog



can send the chain blog to raise a website, but the premise is the blog also need regular maintenance also need support, etc. to keep the weight of the high can be used to send the chain, but not like that quiz platform seconds to delete the chain, suggestions for blog content and website content is similar to that of regular maintenance update

Q & a platform

4 soft

now often see a word, we are not the post, Shanghai dragon Er, reflects a state at present, now a lot of Shanghai dragon Er will register a lot of forum, the chain of hair in the forum. The forum can do a lot of the chain, post forum signature can do outside the chain, should pay attention to the quality of posts, of course, just post irrigation has no effect, only in vain. read more

The chain in the chain for the website you harvest time

permits, the site must adopt the mode of chain chain, chain chain has the following advantages:

is to allow the user to learn more convenient.

?In this paper, by I personally think that

chain chain is very natural to guide users from one page go to another page, let users naturally use the web site, but also very good to increase the PV of the site. The engine is more friendly.

A5 a long time not to publish their own website promotion experience, today to talk about the chain chain promotion methods, we hope to inspire. read more

The big data challenge mode search engine vertical field first competition


of course, perhaps love Shanghai has also been recognized with the Taobao search and search the rise, although a short time in the vertical electric field also has certain advantages, but with the Taobao search in the field of business data, in the near future will be more than love Shanghai, so love the sea so just before this time the window is coming, can earn is also a good choice. But this method seems to make money has encountered a lot of user resistance.

in short, once on the Internet to create a myth. read more