Share the Japanese website promotion operation case

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Shanghai Longfeng director in a foreign trade company, the company is the sale of game currency, is simply in the domestic purchase game currency, and then sold to japan. This time the Japanese side out several games, magic, vindictus, blue sky, tears, story, let us team to push the new games keywords ranking, 4 Game 6 words, if 6 words in three weeks if there are 4 keywords ranking top 5, Saturday for we have to work on Saturday (group a bitter, vulnerable.. ), now almost three weeks, each keyword ranking is 9,4,6,4,9,2, is a miserable, but there are 2 days, the general can go up. read more

B2B company Shanghai dragon how to do Look at these 5 key issues

, Google and other major search engines are very concerned about the user experience of the website. Attract visitors to their own page is important, but it is also important to leave them on the page, according to the user’s website. The transformed useful customer – this site, to Google and other search engines to maximize the role of.

4. site duplicate content? < > can’t get search space


for those who are not familiar with Backlink, it refers to rely on PageRank to make money transfer transactions connected with advertisers, the equivalent on the web to sell advertising. The quality of web advertising model, on the B2B (Internet connected enterprises) the meaning of needless to say, the enterprise decides the success of Shanghai dragon search engine optimization. read more