Chelsea linked with Marseille man and Cesar is snubbed by Sampdoria

first_imgChelsea are being linked with Marseille’s Florian Thauvin.It comes after one of the Blues’ scouts watched Marseille play Monaco on Sunday.And ESPN report that former Chelsea star Franck Leboeuf told French television that the 21-year-old midfielder will not have impressed.Leboeuf is quoted as saying: “Thauvin didn’t exist for an hour.“There was one moment where he had the ball and he tried to knock it past the defender and go round the other side, and you wonder where he’s going.“Wait for your team-mates to arrive – keep the ball. Football isn’t played with 11 balls.”Meanwhile, Italian media are reporting the fact that Sampdoria turned down the chance to sign Julio Cesar from QPR, having previously tipped him to join the Genoa-based club.Rangers have so far been unable to find any takers for the Brazil goalkeeper, who has been available since the end of last season.Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Conquering Pain With Backmate

first_imgWhat it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Trends Driving the Loyalty Marketing Industry Deanna RitchieManaging Editor at ReadWrite Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Related Posts Follow the Puck We ordered the Backmate — for the office because many of us work eight to ten hour days and more hours if we are under a deadline. Living your life on a computer all day and into the evening hour causes pain. Butts hurt, shoulders ache, the neck — is pure agony (and we’re not on the phone), legs get cramps — soreness is a daily ritual. Our boss has us ride the Peleton bike for 20 minutes every day — but then — the Backmate arrived. We think as Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, we’ll be conquering overworking pain with Backmate.I am the only person in the office who is not a millennial — and that fact sort of hurts my feelings. I have sustained many injuries through the years, broken back and tailbone — sledding — then injured again — skiing — now I sit on that all day writing and editing. The Backmate arrived. I demanded my spot with the Backmate first, as I feel it is my right. The guys were — well — shoving me out of the way (we are kind of like family with each other, having worked together for many years). Everyone had a story of injury — “mine is the worst” they’d claim. Through the years I have witnessed some of these severe injuries occur — so I knew what they were saying was the truth.Eric Bostrom is demonstrating (below) the need for a Backmate — and why he worked years to perfect this system.I threw up this pic for the office peeps to see. “Well, none of you have had something like this.” But, you see, more than one of us in our office have had a severe spine, head, neck, arm, leg and foot injuries.Backmate is running a Kickstarter Campaign — let’s help them out.We set our watches for a two-minute tryout and then the next person would get on the Backmate. But, those guys are such cheaters; they would not get off at their allotted time. Frankly — I was trying to work — and I got sick of their moaning (how good the Backmate felt). I was concerned with a couple of, well, chubby office peeps using the Backmate before I got my turn. No worries there, the Backmate is very sturdy and tough as it needs to be. Do you know those scenes on TV where the cops kick in doors? This piece of equipment could withstand one of those karate kicks.All the people in the office wanted “their time” on the Backmate rollers.Thinking to get the “rodents” off the Backmate, I said, “Okay, you can earn this much if you come up with a full body workout.” We now have at least five or six full body workouts that can be done with this one piece of equipment. You figure out what all of the physical therapy people have had you do for exercise. You go over what all the surgeons have done with you, and for you — and the practices they’ve recommended for healing.Armed with this knowledge — you can come up with what will heal your own personal type injury. You’ll see and feel what can be done on the Backmate for you to become well again — and free your pain.Take a moment to notice where the pain is in your body, noting the old injury. Check out that kink on the other side of your body — that pain spot is from you protecting the old injury. As you know, that spot on your body has horrible pain too.We all began to feel the relief — but more than that — the collective sigh said what we were all thinking. “We are finally going to get the relief for which we have been searching.”I’ve been in a pain clinic for 20 years but had to wean myself off the meds. First, I can’t afford the meds and the clinic bills anymore — but secondly — the meds were affecting my job. I missed important details at work. You can’t remember the details in tech and have your brain muddled with any substance.My current sleep routine consists of stretching, put my legs in the leg massager, stick on the tens unit (cost of stickies, and sometimes I get sores from the stick on pads (you hear me, I know). Then I take a few Advil, and lie in front of the exact same movie I’ve watched for years — hoping to bore myself to sleep.After trying out the Backmate, the boss said, “We’ve gotta help this guy (Eric Bostrom), this thing is fantastic — write something.”It can be moved in one motion from top to bottom.The Backmate sets up in any doorway in seconds and provides fast relief from back and neck pain; it relieves stress; it helps sore muscles. The Backmate is easy on, easy off. We haven’t taken ours down at the office.Start and end your self-massage in any place you feel pain or tightness.We’ve found headache relief using the Backmate on the neck. I like to put the Backmate low to the ground for my neck. Then I lie on a yoga mat – and move my neck along the rollers.Ultimately, I doubt I’ll ever be completely out of pain — but the Backmate — has given me hope for pain relief, and that I can work toward greater flexibility. We’ve only had the Backmate for just over a week. But, for the first time, I have hope that I can use this exercise roller before I go to bed — and be able to lie down and sleep. I used the Backmate at the office yesterday and laid down on the office couch and went to sleep, actual sleep – a real miracle. I’m ordering one for my home — we all are going to make this happen.With the Backmate, I know I’ll be okay. I’ll let you know how it goes with the Backmate. I’m counting on it! Deanna is the Managing Editor at ReadWrite. Previously she worked as the Editor in Chief for Startup Grind and has over 20+ years of experience in content development. Tags:#Kickstarter#kickstarter campaign#pain#pain relief last_img read more

5.9 magnitude quake strikes Andaman & Nicobar islands

first_imgA strong earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale today hit the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago.According to National Centre for Seismology, a unit of Ministry of Earth Sciences, the quake, whose epicentre was in the Nicobar islands region, occurred at 8:21 am at a depth of 10 km.However, it was not so powerful as to merit a tsunami warning. India has a dedicated tsunami warning centre that sends alerts to states and neighbouring littoral countries in case of an earthquake.There were no immediate reports of loss of life or property.Another earthquake measuring 3.6 on the Richter scale jolted Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir at 5:48 am.last_img read more

Ashok Gehlot, Joshi lock horns over Rajasthan cricket bodies

first_imgChief Minister Ashok Gehlot backed Sports Council of Rajasthan is targeting Rajasthan Cricket Association , which is headed by his rival CP Joshi – Union Minister for Surface Transport.The sports council is headed by Shiv Charan Mali, who is considered very close to Gehlot. He was appointed as its head on Joshi’s suggestion as a bargain for withdrawing from the race for election to RCA president in favour of Joshi.The Council has declined to give RCA stadium for Irani Trophy matches due in fourth week of September on the grounds that the memorandum of understanding between the two has expired on July 21.RCA moved court of metropolitan magistrate in Jaipur demanding that it be allowed to use the stadium as government has given permission to go ahead with the MoU. But the court dismissed it. Now, RCA plans to appeal against this order.The Council has in the past tried to create hurdles in functioning of RCA on petty issues by locking the gates of the stadium or refusing to let repair works done before crucial matches. It is because Mali’s first love was to head cash-rich RCA.Joshi is known for his erratic handling of the RCA. At times he takes full control of the RCA and at other times, he leaves it entirely to the RCA secretary KK Sharma, who is also his man.RCA has been facing problems in its financial matter of late. The Public Accounts Committee of Rajasthan assembly has ordered it to pay Rs 4 crore dues to police and home department in lieu of security provided for the matches. Recently, RCA’s accounts were frozen by Income Tax department to claim its dues.advertisementlast_img read more

Yadier Molina Forgot How To Frame A Pitch

Yadier Molina is falling apart. It’s not his hitting, and it’s not his base running. It’s too early in the season to say much that is meaningful about those skills, which can take months of stats to become reliable.It’s the Cardinals catcher’s defense that’s a mess. Molina’s pitch framing has collapsed, dropping from third-best in 2013 to 60th in 2015.1Using Baseball Prospectus’s framing metric, Called Strikes Above Average. And the Cardinals are at real risk because of it. Framing was thought of as mythical until researchers found direct evidence for it in how umpires were calling borderline pitches. The idea is simple: A catcher receives a pitch and “frames” it so that the pitch is more likely to be called a strike. In contrast to descriptions of framing as cheating, good framing involves catching the pitch with a minimum of excess motion. In so doing, the catcher offers the umpire a clear view of the ball and thus collects more favorable strike calls.Since 2008, Molina has been the fifth-best framer in the league. In that time frame, Molina has saved more than 114 runs by flipping pitches that would have been close calls to strikes (worth about 11 wins, in aggregate). Since pitch framing isn’t yet accounted for when sabermetricians project a team’s statistics, Molina’s secret skill helps to explain the Cardinals’ outdoing their projections for the past 10 years and some of their perpetual October success (though to a lesser extent).But this year, Molina’s framing is no longer even average. Already in 2015, Molina has cost his team about four strikes, while the best framers have gained more than 15. That may not sound like much, but over the course of a season, it could add up to a gap of more than 150 strikes, worth something like 25 runs. In his best year (2013), Molina acquired roughly that many extra strikes for his team, equating to an extra couple of wins per year for the Cardinals. This is no small-sample fluke, either. Unlike hitting and pitching, whose outcomes we still measure in the dozens this early in the season, Molina has seen 800 pitches this year. That sample size is plenty big.It’s hard to know why Molina has lost his mojo. Some of Molina’s apparent decline may stem not from his own skill diminishing, but rather from other catchers becoming better. As front offices have become convinced of the importance of framing, we’ve seen many light-hitting but exceptional-framing backstops be promoted to full-time roles. Since Molina is always being compared to the average, if the average moves up, it may appear as though Molina is falling.It’s possible that the physical toll of catching has finally caught up to Molina. Notably, he showed up to spring training about 20 pounds lighter than the weight at which he played for the past 10 years. Molina gave no specific reason for the weight loss when asked, but Adam Wainwright (among others) suggested that it may have been to reduce the wear and tear on his knees.A decline by Molina, even without cryptic injuries, was not totally unexpected. Although pitch framing doesn’t appear physically demanding, research has shown that there is a clear aging pattern for the skill. Catchers improve when young but decline in their 30s. At age 32, Molina is entering the part of the curve with the most rapid decline.Still, rapid is an understatement for Molina’s framing slump. Molina’s framing has been falling off of a cliff for two consecutive years, dropping from excellent to above average from 2013 to 2014 and from above average to poor from 2014 to this year. The decline went largely unnoticed last year, as Molina struggled with injuries that limited his playing time.This year, it’s unmistakable. If you look for two-year declines as large as Molina’s since 2008, there’s only one other player with as many chances who has fallen off as much: Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy this year. (Strangely, Lucroy is 28 years old, still relatively young.) Age tends to reduce framing ability, but rarely as quickly as it has in Molina’s case.Regardless of the cause, Molina’s framing decline affects more than just his own stats. Normally, pitching statistics are much too variable this early in the season to say anything useful. But by learning about Molina’s decline, we may also, in a roundabout way, learn something about the Cardinals’ pitching.To do so, we can look at the recent history of pitchers who lost great framers. Molina isn’t lost, of course, but his framing skills might as well be. In the past three years, 166 pitchers have stayed on the same team but seen their framers decline in quality by a magnitude similar to Molina’s decline from last year to this year. Those 166 pitchers did 0.76 runs of ERA worse than expected.2By PECOTA’s projections. Compared to the overall population of pitchers in that time (who performed 0.47 runs of ERA worse than expected), the pitchers throwing to worse framers saw their ERAs increase3This pattern bears out if you weight ERAs by innings pitched, as well as in the opposite direction: Pitchers who go from bad framers to good see their performances exceed their projections. by 0.28 runs.4But 0.47 runs + 0.28 runs doesn’t add up to 0.76 runs, you protest! Blame rounding.To any given pitcher, a 0.28 increase in ERA is relatively minor. It could be dismissed as merely bad luck. However, Molina doesn’t just work with a single pitcher — his framing affects every pitcher on the team.5Nor will Molina’s backup, Tony Cruz, be any help in this regard. Cruz is a below-average framer as well. His newfound problems will affect each hurler to only a small extent, but the staff as a whole will be dramatically harmed. Over the course of a season, the total effect of the fall from top-tier to below-average framing is something like three wins. In a competitive NL Central, that’s a hefty price to pay. read more

Delleriece Hall is new General Manager at LIME

first_img Related Items:Delleriece Hall, general manager, john reid, lime Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp The Indian Premier League Has a New Home in the Caribbean Flow Sports now offers an unrivalled Cricket line-up Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 07 Jul 2015 – Delleriece Hall says that she loves to manage change and has now spent two weeks at the helm at LIME as the TCI branch’s first female General Manager. Hall joined Cable and Wireless nineteen years ago and is no stranger to breaking ground, working from a Customer Service Supervisor to the first female to be Head of Sales and Corporate Services and now the GM. While we have seen no information on what happened to the last General Manager, James Pitt, who spent just one year on the job here in the Turks and Caicos; many applaud the return of a TC Islander back to leadership of the company which has been operating in the country for a reported 117 years. Hall, who takes on the role just as LIME has acquired and activates the assets of former rival, Islandcom, said in a media statement: “I am very focused on running the leading telecommunications company in our islands, and delivering a world-class customer experience.” John Reid, C&W’s President Consumer Group, applauded Hall for her contribution to the business over the years and said, “Delleriece Hall comes to this role with a diverse and solid track record. Her skills set and extensive experience in telecoms have combined to position her as the right talent to lead the Turks and Caicos business during this time of transformation.”LIME adds that it is continuing to transform the business into a more customer-focused telecoms, “delivering a suite of innovative products and services underpinned by a robust, world-class network.” Congratulations to Mrs. Delleriece Hall. Recommended for you Flow counting down to Rio Games, launches Gold Tour campaign Perdina wins Movado Watch set from LIME & Jai’slast_img read more

Toyota Etios Cross Tipped to Debut in India on 9 May Price

first_imgToyota is all set to launch its Etios Cross in India on 9 May.Toyota Etios Cross, a crossover which was first seen at the Delhi Auto Expo 2014 is reportedly set to make its India debut on 9 May, according to Auto NDTV. The car which was spotted on test in India numerous times is the restyled version of the Toyota Etios Liva hatchback and will draw its power from the same 1.4 liter, 68 bhp diesel engine or the 1.5 liter, 89 bhp petrol engine.The car flaunts sportier look and is expected to pack 2-DIN audio system with aux, Bluetooth and USB compatibility and steering mounted audio controls. On the coactivity front, the Toyota’s new crossover is likely to offer ABS, EBD and dual front airbags.The overhauled Etios Cross is also speculated to come with features like a new front bumper and diamond cut 10-spoke alloy wheels. The vehicle will be pitted against the Volkswagen Polo Cross and Fiat Punto Cross in the domestic market.Though the pricing of the Etios Cross is yet to be known, rumours are rife that the car will be priced above Liva. According to NDTV, the vehicle will come with a price tag starting at 5.5-6 lakh.In India, Toyota has been witnessing plunge in its sales for the past couple of months. The company reported a decline of 20.35 percent for the month of April, against the 10,456 units sold in April last year.The domestic sales of the company stood at 7,562 units in April 2014, when compared to 9,007 units in April 2013. In March 2014 also Toyota Kirloskar Motor posted a decline in its sales. The company recorded 9,160 units in March 2014 compared to 21,143 units in March 2013. (Ed:AJ)last_img read more

Bengaluru youth suffers kidney problems after being assaulted by police

first_imgA photo taken on November 29, 2018, at the police headquarters in Lille, northern France, shows a gun, handcuffs and a truncheon.PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images [Representational Image]A 23-year-old man suffered kidney damages and was hospitalised after he was brutally assaulted by the police near his residence in Bengaluru.The victim, Mohammed Tanveer, is a resident of DJ Halli. According to reports, he was brutally thrashed by several policemen inside DJ Halli police station. The incident came to light after his brother Mohammed Musaveer filed a complaint against the police officers with Bengaluru Police Commissioner T Suneel Kumar on Saturday.Tanveer, who owns a photostat shop near his residence, was to get married on May 3. On the night of April 9, Tanveer came to know that his neighbour was sick and went out to get medicines. He was accompanied by his friend Danish and both of them were going to a medical shop near Dr BR Ambedkar Medical College.Just as they went a little ahead of their residence, they were stopped by the police. Tanveer was busy on his phone talking to his father and the policeman asked him to disconnect the call. But it took a few moments for the victim to cut the call which made the police officer angry and he assaulted Tanveer with a baton.According to the victim’s brother, Musaveer, “The policemen got angry with my brother and a constable, identified as Ayyappa, beat him with a police baton. My brother asked the policeman why he was being beaten up though he had not committed any fault. The policemen were furious and it led to further arguments. The policemen summoned a Hoysala patrol vehicle. They took my brother to DJ Halli station where nine policemen assaulted him,” reports TOI.It is now being reported that Tanveer suffered serious damage to his kidney due to the attack. The victim’s family members also met Additional Commissioner of Police (East) Seemanth Kumar Singh and made him aware of Tanveer’s condition.”Our preliminary probe revealed that DJ Halli police assaulted Tanveer. We are waiting for DCP’s report to know the policemen behind the incident. We will take stringent action against those responsible for the incident,” said Seemanth Kumar Singh told TOI.last_img read more

Rupee falls to 13month low of 66 after RBI minutes

first_imgA customer counts Indian 100 rupee currency notes after withdrawing money at a bank on November 24, 2016.INDRANIL MUKHERJEE/AFP/Getty ImagesThe Indian rupee continued its losing streak for a fourth straight session to hit a fresh 13-month low of 66 against the US dollar after the minutes of the central bank policy meeting suggested a more hawkish tone starting as early as June.The RBI has signaled that an interest rate increase may come as early as June as the policymakers are optimistic that Asia’s third-largest economy will rebound this year.The central bank’s deputy governor Viral Acharya at the April 4-5 policy meeting said he would “decisively” vote for a beginning of “withdrawal of accommodation” in the next monetary policy meeting in June, adding that it was also important to see some data on growth.The RBI this month kept its policy repo rate unchanged at 6 percent for the fourth straight meeting and retained its “neutral” stance.By 1400 local time, the Indian rupee was at 66.02 per dollar versus its previous close of 65.7950. The rupee touched 66.08 in early deals, its weakest level since March 14, 2017, as per Reuters data.Meanwhile, the benchmark 10-year bond yield was up 17 basis points at 7.80 percent.The partially convertible rupee has been on a downtrend amidst growing worries over higher crude prices. The rupee has fallen 2.7 percent against the U.S. dollar so far this year.India imports most of its oil requirements from foreign countries and a fall in local currency inflates fuel bill for the world’s third-biggest oil consumer.Oil prices held firm on Friday near three-year highs as ongoing Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries-led supply cuts drained out excess supplies.Futures for Brent crude, the benchmark for more than half the world’s oil, were trading at $73.87 per barrel and West Texas Intermediate crude futures at $68.40.last_img read more