TimorLeste UN and partners appeal for 335 million for recovery efforts

Finn Reske-Nielsen, the UN’s Humanitarian Coordinator for Timor-Leste, said that funds raised will complement those already committed by the Government toward projects outlined in the Transitional Strategy and Appeal. “The Government of Timor-Leste has committed $15 million in 2008 to address IDP issues,” said Mr. Reske-Nielsen. “These financial resources constitute a significant and increased commitment of the Government towards these issues. However, further donor support to the Government’s efforts will be valuable to help meet its shortfall.” The funds will support some 67 projects in three strategic areas: continued emergency assistance in IDP camps, supporting the Government’s National Recovery Strategy and strengthening the country’s ability to manage risk and impact from natural disasters. While humanitarian assistance in the IDP camps continues to be critical, the primary focus of the Government and its partners this year is early recovery initiatives that will facilitate the return and/or resettlement of those that have been displaced. Mr. Reske-Nielsen said that ongoing humanitarian problems that stem from the crisis that erupted in 2006 are complex and multi-dimensional with social, economic and political roots. The 2006 crisis, attributed in part to differences between Timor-Leste’s eastern and western regions, began in April with the firing of 600 striking soldiers, a third of the overall armed forces. Ensuing violence claimed at least 37 lives and drive 155,000 people, or about 15 per cent of the total population, from their homes. The Security Council created the UN Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT) in August that year to help restore stability.“There is no simple or short-term solution, and the experience of national and international organisations along with the Government shows that continued support to ongoing humanitarian response and recovery efforts is vital to reaching a sustainable resolution to the crisis,” Mr. Reske-Nielsen stated. 31 March 2008The United Nations and non-governmental organizations working in Timor-Leste are seeking $33.5 million to help the country’s most vulnerable, including internally displaced persons (IDPs) and those most at risk from natural disasters. read more

Myanmars postcyclone recovery efforts focus of UNbacked expert meeting

Some 2.4 million people were affected by the cyclone, which battered the country in early May, leaving around 140,000 dead or missing and displacing 800,000 from their homes.The two-day meeting in the Thai capital brought together Myanmar’s partners and disaster response experts, and drew from previous natural disasters such as the 2004 Asian tsunami, the 2005 Pakistan earthquake and Cyclone Sidr, which struck Bangladesh in 2007.Noeleen Heyzer, Executive Secretary of the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), which organized the meeting along with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), said that the experience of the Asia-Pacific region would undoubtedly contribute to the formulation of recovery strategies for Myanmar and other future natural disasters. While an effective early warning mechanism is one critical part of any sound disaster management approach, she emphasized that early action was also needed to turn early warning into real disaster preparedness. She added that the outcomes of the meeting would feed into the Post-Nargis Recovery and Preparedness Plan (PONREPP), the ongoing review conducted by the Tripartite Core Group (TCG) – consisting of the UN, ASEAN and the Government of Myanmar – as well as the ASEAN-UN Summit to be held in Thailand in mid-December. Myanmar’s Deputy Minister U Kyaw Thu, who is also the Chairman of the TCG, said the meeting provided “an opportunity for those who are involved in the post-Nargis recovery efforts to learn from the experience, although painfully gained, of those who have been on a similar path in order to put together a comprehensive and effective early-, medium- and long-term strategy.” ASEAN’s Secretary-General Surin Pitsuwan agreed, expressing the hope that the information exchanged at the meeting will enhance the capacity of the region, as well as add to the lessons learned which can then be translated into practical action. “If we are not prepared, we will be in deeper trouble the next time around,” he warned.The gathering is one of a series of regional expert group meetings to be convened by ESCAP on recovery and reconstruction issues in post-cyclone Myanmar, following on Ms. Heyzer’s visits to the country in May and June. Ms. Heyzer indicated that ESCAP was committed to continue to host such dialogues, and that the next one would be held with donors so as to encourage increased assistance to fill critical funding gaps. As of early October, nearly half of the $482 million appeal launched in July to aid Myanmar’s cyclone victims remained unfunded. 28 October 2008Participants at a United Nations-backed meeting that wrapped up today in Bangkok have agreed that the need to “build back better” and a focus on disaster risk reduction should be key elements of the post-Cyclone Nargis recovery process in Myanmar. read more

Business applauds Alberta consideration of private cannabis retailing option

CALGARY — Business leaders are welcoming Alberta’s decision to not decide yet whether recreational cannabis will be sold through private or government owned retail shops when it becomes legal next year.Richard Truscott, B.C. and Alberta vice-president for the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, says he’s pleased that Alberta hasn’t followed Ontario in excluding the private sector from retail sales.He says selling cannabis only in government-run shops would be “going back in time” to the way alcohol was sold before Alberta privatized its liquor retailing system in 1993.Mike Rintoul of Calgary-based Good Earth Pharms, which wants to set up private franchises for recreational cannabis sales in Alberta, agrees but says time is short to set up retail shops before legalization next July, regardless of whether the stores are run by the government or entrepreneurs.Alberta Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley says there are pluses and minuses to both options while introducing draft regulations and inviting Alberta residents to give feedback over the next three weeks.She says it would be more costly for government to build a retail chain of shops from scratch but it could miss out on tax revenues down the road if it isn’t in on retailing pot from the start. read more

CCD summons newspaper Editor

The CCD had initially asked him to appear before the CCD today but he had refused to do so as the newspaper was being finalized today. (Colombo Gazette)Report by Indika Sri Aravinda The Colombo Crimes Division (CCD) today issued summons on the Editor of the ‘Janarala’ Sunday newspaper.Chandana Sirimalwatte was asked to appear at the CCD office tomorrow to be questioned about an article which appeared in the paper.

OMP to meet families in Colombo this month

The Office on Missing Persons (OMP) is to meet families from the Western Province in Colombo this month.OMP member and acting chairman Mirak Raheem told The Sunday Morning that the OMP will meet families of the disappeared at the Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute on October 16th. “We will meet families from the three districts in the Western Province,” he said.He said the OMP will hear from the families of the missing and take their suggestions.

Traders look to TSX to build on gains after hitting 28month high

by Malcolm Morrison, The Canadian Press Posted Oct 20, 2013 4:00 am MDT TORONTO – Traders will be anxious to see this week if the Toronto stock market can carry on the steady gains racked up during October that took the TSX to its highest levels in more than two years.Investors will also look to the Bank of Canada’s latest interest rate announcement and what is expected to be a steady flow of economic reports that were postponed because of the lengthy partial U.S. government shutdown.The stars seem to be finally aligning for the Toronto Stock Exchange, which closed above 13,000 last week for the first time since late July 2011, a sign that the resource-heavy market is perhaps bouncing back after suffering through falling commodity prices, the European Union debt crisis and a slowing in the Chinese economy.“Canada is always a late cycle market because of the resource domination,” observed Wes Mills, chief investment officer at Scotia Asset Management PM Advisor Services.“So, as the global economy continues to improve, Canada will start showing up more on people’s radar.”A variety of indicators bode well for the TSX, including a sharp decline in the price differential between West Texas Intermediate crude and Brent crude, along with data last week that showed the Chinese economy rebounded in the latest quarter to 7.8 per cent from a two-decade low of 7.5 per cent in the second quarter. Also, the European Union is also offering signs of clawing its way out of a deep malaise.Mills said that global growth is improving, with the signs expecting to continue into 2014.But it’s not just resource stocks that have propelled the Toronto exchange to a point where it is up 5.65 per cent year-to-date.The other major pillar, financials, is up 15 per cent year-to-date and more than three per cent for October alone.“The financials were held back a good part of the year… on views that the housing market was too expensive, going to roll over and there was excessive credit risk in the banks,” said Mills.“(But) the housing market has done quite well. So financials have picked up and of course insurance was always picking up as the market was doing better and interest rates were backing up a little bit.”Gold miners continue to be the biggest weight on the TSX with the exchange’s Global Gold sector down 44 per cent year-to-date and down 12.6 per cent this month alone. Bullion prices are down 20 per cent from the start of the year.But Mills added that key technical indicators suggest that the TSX could run up to test the 14,000-level. That’s still a long way from the all-time high of 15,073 that was registered in mid-June 2008, a couple of months before the collapse of Lehman Bros. triggered the financial collapse.Meanwhile, the Bank of Canada is widely expected to leave its key rate unchanged at one per cent on Wednesday with most analysts thinking it will be far into 2014 before the central bank feels it can lift rates to more historic norms.“We’re now officially pushing it back to the fourth quarter of next year,” said BMO Capital Markets chief economist Doug Porter.But as always, economists will be looking to see what the bank thinks about current economic conditions.“October is the monetary policy report where they always give their estimate of potential growth, that’s the one thing economists will be watching,” said Porter.“In terms of the forecast, I think they will shade it a little bit lower, nothing dramatic but I think they will nip and tuck it a bit.”This week will also see the first release of what will likely be a flood of U.S. economic data that was held up during the government shutdown. That ended last week after U.S. lawmakers arrived at a deal that also saw the debt ceiling increased to early February.The key release of the week is the U.S. Labor Department’s non-farm payrolls report for September. Economists expect that it will show that about 180,000 jobs were created during that month. Traders look to TSX to build on gains after hitting 28-month high AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

New law threatens civil society independence in Kazakhstan warns UN expert

The new draft law sets up an operator with rights to allocate both governmental and non-governmental grants, which includes grants from international organizations, diplomatic missions or international not-for-profit organizations, to non-governmental organizations. “The possibility for a centralized Government’s operator to distribute all grants irrespective of sources, be it public or private funds, enables the authorities to arbitrarily limit resources and to control the entire not-for-profit sector,” Mr. Kiai cautioned.“By controlling the sources of funds, the draft law would limit associations’ functional autonomy and put their independence and existence at serious risk,” he said.The expert underscored that access to financial resources is a vital and integral part of the right to freedom of association.Additionally, he recalled that similar appeals were made at the end of his visit to Kazakhstan earlier this year, including maintaining the independence of associations and inclusion of civil society groups in public debate. He reiterated his call to the Kazakh authorities to repeal the draft law. The amendments which were adopted by the Senate last week, will now be held at the Lower House of Parliament for its final consideration.The draft law also bars associations from using more than 10 per cent of governmental grants for administrative expenditures. The UN expert noted that other countries which adopted such measures have had a devastating impact on civil society organizations.“Many were forced to stop their activities, leaving society deprived from these organizations’ essential contribution in the economic, cultural, political and social fields and devoid of important voices often representing the most marginalized,” he added.Mr. Kiai stressed that existence of free civil societies are crucial for a country with significant democratic and development aspirations as they ‘ensure diverse voices are included in decision making process.’Independent experts or special rapporteurs are appointed by the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council to examine and report back on a country situation or a specific human rights theme. The positions are honorary and the experts are not UN staff, nor are they paid for their work. read more

Significant Digits For Friday Dec 4 2015

You’re reading Significant Digits, a daily digest of the telling numbers tucked inside the news.0.12An attorney who wrote a book called “The Drinker’s Guide to Driving: The Secrets of DUI from One of America’s Top DUI Lawyers” was arrested for drunk driving Sunday, with a blood alcohol level of 0.12. Yes, it did happen in Florida — excellent guess. [The Herald Tribune]2nd-longestAfter his team trailed all night against the Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw a 61-yard game-ending Hail Mary pass for a touchdown with no time on the clock. The pass was the second-longest come-from-behind game-ending touchdown ever, and from a distance where such passes have a terrible completion rate. It was the worst thing to happen to the city of Detroit since globalization and systemic mismanagement. [ESPN Stats & Info, Brian Burke]20:24Elvira Montes, an 81-year-old grandmother, was the oldest finisher in this year’s Beer Mile World Championships, finishing four beers and running 1 mile in 20 minutes, 24 seconds. She is what we in the business call a “role model.” We should all be so lucky reach age 81, let alone sustain a reliable competitive drinking habit. [Runner’s World]44.9 percentPercentage of U.S. adults who worked for an employer at least 30 hours per week in November, as measured by Gallup’s Good Jobs rate. [Gallup]92 countsThe other shoe has dropped, people, and it is feigning catastrophic injury in order to procure a yellow card as we speak. U.S. prosecutors announced a 92-count indictment against 16 FIFA officials yesterday, following up on a raid of a Swiss hotel where several officials were staying. [CNN] 95.7 degrees FahrenheitA spokesperson for the upcoming Olympic Games said that organizers did not consider it critical to pay for air conditioning in athletes’ quarters in Rio de Janeiro and that someone else will have to handle the costs. Keep in mind that this year, Aug. 19, which would be towards the end of the events this coming year, hit 95.7 degrees in Rio. [ESPN]589 reportersIn 2014, the number of reporters from niche outlets accredited by the U.S. Senate press gallery exceeded the number of reporters from daily newspapers. As someone from a niche outlet, I guess this is cool? Go niche outlets! [Pew Research Center]220,000 jobsAshton Carter, whose name makes him sound like he is a member of One Direction but who is actually America’s secretary of defense, announced yesterday that the U.S. military will open all combat jobs to women. About 220,000 such jobs within the armed forces had been closed to women. [The Washington Post]$5 millionThat’s the amount brilliant negotiator and world-renowned dealmaker Donald Trump wanted CNN to donate to charity to ensure his participation in an upcoming presidential debate. CNN declined, but the legendary businessman and genius arbitrator, who as we all know could strike an absolutely flawless deal with anyone, especially the Chinese, relented and decided to participate in the debate anyway, because the negotiating strategy of “giving up when your primary request isn’t met” is just a tactic from page one of “The Art of the Deal,” a book Trump definitely wrote all by himself. [The Washington Post]$117 millionAmount raised on Giving Tuesday, another manufactured holiday trying to chew the crumbs left over by the capitalist orgy that is Black Friday, albeit for charity. This is frankly encouraging, because I personally had a lot of trouble getting into the Small Business Saturday spirit this year. [NBC News]If you haven’t already, you really need to sign up for the Significant Digits newsletter — be the first to learn about the numbers behind the news. read more

Gas ignition being used so that ATMs can be stolen

first_imgThese types of incidents present a serious risk to the community. Our advice to the public is to avoid any ATM that appears to have been tampered with and, in particular, do not approach any which has hoses, wires or other items leading from it. Call the police immediately on 999. TWO ATMS WERE stolen during incidents that appear to have involved gas being ignited to damage buildings.Police in Northern Ireland are now appealing to the public to report any suspicious activity at ATMs after the machines were removed.The PSNI said today that the advice follows the theft of a sum of cash from an ATM in Keady this morning, as well as the theft of an ATM in Carrickmore, Co Tyrone on 23 May and the attempted theft of an ATM in Hamiltonsbawn, Co Armagh, on 5 June.In all three incidents, gas ignition may have been used to remove the ATM, said police.It is understood that igniting the gas would cause damage to the part of the building housing the ATM, enabling the culprits to remove the machine.Detective Chief Superintendent Roy McComb, head of the PSNI’s Organised Crime Branch, said: A number of arrests have been made in relation to the incidents in Carrickmore and Hamiltonsbawn.Two men have appeared in court on charges linked to the Hamiltonsbawn incident and police inquiries are continuing.last_img read more

17 secrets Irish people are sharing on Whisper app

first_imgWHISPER IS A social network that lets people share secrets anonymously.It was launched two years ago, but has been really taking off in the last year. It’s now a big enough deal that it has drawn up contracts with a US TV network.In case you’re not familiar with it: Anyone with the app can post secrets in the form of images and text, and see the secrets other people have posted. You can also reply to other people’s secrets.Users can search by keyword, theme, or location – so you can see what people near you are sharing.Some Irish users’ secrets are totally mundane Source: whisperOthers are eye-opening. Source: whisperMany are intimate Source: whisperPeople are posting about their sexuality Source: whisperTheir biggest life experiences Source: whisperTheir oddest dreams Source: whisperTheir sex lives. Source: whisperAnd their no-sex lives. Source: whisperTheir parents Source: whisperTheir boyfriends Source: whisperTheir jobs Source: whisperTheir pasts Source: whisperAnd even their lonelinessSometimes people just share stories Source: whisperSometimes people simply want company Source: whisperAnd sometimes, whatever they post, they get very Irish replies. Source: whisper Source: whisperMore: Lots of Irish people are getting spammed with Harry Potter quotes… and here’s why>More: 15 disasters just waiting to happen>last_img read more

Riverdale Was Good Enough to Make You Forget the Lame Cameo

first_imgStay on target The second part of this season of Riverdale has been a little uneven. With the Black Hood mystery dropped after a disappointing midseason finale, the show has hinted at a few directions it could go in, but committed to none of them. After these last two episodes though, that may be over. This is the Riverdale we want. Evil parents, rebellious teens, all wrapped up in bonkers noir crime drama. The season is really picking up speed as it heads into the final stretch.We pick up right where we left off, with Betty confronting Chic about the secret DNA test she made him take. She accuses him of being an impostor. He has no Blossom blood, which means he has no Cooper blood. Hal is not his father. She doesn’t quite put together that it’s still entirely possible for Alice to be his mother. And that’s exactly the story Alice gives her daughter. No word on who the father is, because he’s not going to be in their lives. He doesn’t matter. And you know? I’d be willing to accept that explanation. It’s perfectly reasonable, and leaves the door open for a big reveal down the line without projecting one too hard. Then Chic makes that creepy smile at Betty again. I’m not buying anything about this guy.Neither is Betty. As the episode goes on, she feels more threatened by Chic’s presence. He’s not helping things either. He’s creepily parroting her words back to her every time she tries to figure out what he’s up to. Finally, when he reminds her that she said they have the same darkness, she decides to show him how dark she can really get. That involves sneaking into his room in the middle of the night and holding a lighter next to his face. Then threatening him when he wakes up. Betty wasn’t kidding.Of course Chic still has a weapon up his sleeves: Crying to mommy. He rats on Betty, and shows Alice the Black wig. As innocuous an item as it is on its own, its… “cabaret” nature, I guess, sets off alarm bells in Alice’s head. Before we can even delve into what that means though, it comes out that Betty and Jughead are having sex. Her overreaction to that, and under-reaction to chic’s general creepiness, makes her subsequent safe sex talk hard to take seriously.Ashleigh Murray as Josie, Camila Mendes as Veronica and Lili Reinhart as Betty in ‘Riverdale’ season 2 episode 16 (Photo: Katie Yuu/The CW)That’s not even the wildest thing going on in this episode either. Word that Hiram is building a for-profit prison where Southside High used to be has made it around town. No one is happy. Fred Andrews is severing all business ties with the Lodges. Jughead is going on a hunger strike to protest the prison. Even Ethel Muggs is fed up with the Lodges, pouring a milkshake all over Veronica. Later, Reggie Mantle taunts Veronica, suggesting her dad will be an inmate at his own prison. That’s the final straw for her. She lays him out with one punch. Can’t say he didn’t have it coming, but damn. I did not expect that out of Veronica. The only person who is happy about the prison is Archie, but he doesn’t count. He’s a moron.I mean Archie’s reeeaallly a moron. He blindly follows Hiram in everything, arguing with his father and jumping at Hiram’s every command. When Jughead gives the other Serpents a rousing speech and inspires them to chain themselves to Southside High, Archie bikes over to shut the peaceful protest down. God, he’s the worst. He doesn’t take Jughead’s protest seriously. He not-so-subtly accuses him and Fred of being afraid of Hiram, and of doing what “needs to be done.” That earns him a well-deserved scolding from Molly Ringwald. Yeah, Archie’s mom is in town and she’s not taking any of his crap. It’s about time someone told the kid he was acting like a jackass.It doesn’t totally stick, though. He remembers his respect for his dad, sure. But he’s still very much under the control of Hiram Lodge. He ends up choosing his dad over his best friend. In exchange for Hiram letting Fred out of the predatory contract for a share of Andrews Construction, Archie agrees to forcibly remove Jughead and the Serpents from the school. So he’s not the absolute worst, but he’s still pretty bad. At least his mom is sticking around for a while. Hopefully, she can keep him in line while also running Fred’s campaign. Oh yes. He’s running for mayor against the Lodges. That’ll be interesting.Andy Cohen and Marisol Nichols as Hermione (Photo: Katie Yu/The CW)Archie and Jughead aren’t the only friendship that gets severed in this episode. Betty and Veronica, the strongest duo in Riverdale since episode one, split up. The episode mines a surprising amount of drama out of a school election. Veronica feels like she’s losing what control she had in her family’s business, so she decides a student body presidential run will fix everything. It doesn’t. She tries to win Ethel Muggs’ vote by promising her dad a job once the prison gets up and running. Then, she tries to score Josie’s endorsement by bribing her with an appearance on Andy Cohen’s show. (It might be the most pointless, awkwardly shoehorned-in cameo I’ve ever seen on a TV show.)Both efforts fail pretty spectacularly, as Ethel and Josie turn out to be working together. While Josie and Veronica sing a fun duet together, Ethel passes out a flier telling everyone that Veronica knew about Southside High’s closing and re-purposing into a prison. That’s not just a major setback in her campaign. It loses her a best friend in Betty, and creates a potentially powerful rival in Jughead. He’s going to run against her for student body president. So we have two elections where someone is standing up to the Lodges. I can’t wait to see all that play out over the next couple episodes.Then there’s Cheryl’s story. Things are getting even creepier than usual at the Blossom house. Someone is messing with her bedroom door in the middle of the night, though no one will own up to it at the breakfast table. Her uncle Claudius even makes a strange comment about the tea they’re serving. Cheryl feels scared enough in her own house that she invites a few River Vixens over to sleep over and… do some synchronized hair-braiding I guess? Is that a thing? It also gives her a chance to talk through some of her feelings for Toni, but we sadly get only a few lines of romance development. They’re interrupted by a loud sound, and the girls find that Cheryl’s grandmother has fallen down the stairs. When the ambulance shows up to take her to the hospital, Cheryl notices her mother and uncle acting strangely. She thinks they pushed her grandmother. And she thinks she’s next.Casey Cott as Kevin and Camila Mendes as Veronica (Photo: Katie Yu/The CW)It turns out she’s absolutely right, though her mom isn’t going to murder her. We get a genuinely scary scene where her mother drives her to an unknown destination. The next time her friends check up on her, they’re told Cheryl went to a boarding school in Switzerland. Fortunately, they’re not buying it. I hope they figure out what happened quick next episode, because this one left Cheryl in a really scary place. She’s with the nuns that the Coopers sent Polly to when she got pregnant. It’s heavily implied she’s there for gay conversion therapy. The show leaves enough room for doubt so the nuns could be referring to Cheryl’s suspicion that her mother and uncle tried to murder her grandma. But I doubt it. The show made no secret about Penelope’s disgust for Cheryl’s newfound love. And she’s just the kind of awful person to send their kid away to be “converted.” It wouldn’t be entirely abnormal for Riverdale to go there, but it could turn out to be a fakeout. This show has been known to do that with its end-of-episode cliffhangers.This is the kind of episode Riverdale should have been doing this entire time. Every character has something to do, something they’re trying to fight for. None of their stories feel like filler and they all tie together in satisfying ways. Not to mention the direction and lighting are top-notch once again. I only wish Kevin had more to do. The show is using him for some AT&T Instagram marketing campaign and it sucks. It means he’s in the good scenes, but can’t actively engage with them. He’s shoved into the background and denied a part of the story. Riverdale, please stop doing this to him. Other than that, keep it up. ‘Riverdale’ Season 4 Trailer Toasts to a Mysterious Senior YearSDCC 2019: ‘Riverdale’ Cast Spills Details on Core ‘Mystery’ for Season 4 center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Motorcycle theft caught on camera in Miami Beach

first_imgMIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – Miami Beach Police need the public’s help finding the thieves caught on surveillance video walking off with a motorcycle.Police believe two men were involved in the theft that happened Sunday, in a Miami Beach parking garage, at around 3:30 a.m.Surveillance video captured a man in a pink hat walking away with the orange motorcycle.The owner said it was stolen from his parking space on West Avenue and 13th Street in Miami Beach.If you have any information or have seen the motorcycle somewhere, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $1,000 reward.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

WATCH Houston Zoo Announces 150 Million Expansion

first_img Share Video Playerhttps://cdn.hpm.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/05153521/Houston-Zoo-Centennial-Campaign-Event-4.5.mp400:0000:0003:09Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Work is already underway on the long-term master plan that will cost $150 million. Visitors to the zoo will notice several construction areas on the grounds. It’s just the beginning of an effort to re-imagine the zoo and turn its exhibits into experiences. “So when you walk through the new Houston Zoo, you’re going to find yourself immersed in zones that highlight the world’s diverse ecosystems. Our animals will live in beautiful, realistic habitats that reflect the highest standards of care,” said Lee Ehmke, CEO of the Houston Zoo. “And each zone will tell many stories that connect our guests to what they can do to save animals in the wild.”– / 6The zoo has already raised $102 million toward its overall goal, including the largest gift in its history — $50 million from the John P. McGovern Foundation.New exhibits will open every year between now and 2022. The first one will be revealed later this year and celebrates the biodiversity of Texas.last_img read more

Study Blacks More Likely to Develop Alzheimers Disease

first_imgAfrican-Americans are significantly more likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease then Whites, according to a new study.The findings were the result of a meta-analysis by race for Alzheimer’s disease conducted by Emory University researchers, the first effort of its kind. The study, published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, found that after adjusting for age, gender and education African Americans were 64 percent more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease compared to Whites. According to their data, 8.6 percent of African Americans develop Alzheimer’s disease, but only 5.5 percent of Whites do.The study’s lead author, Kyle Steenland, a professor of environmental health and epidemiology at Emory’s Rollin’s School of Public Health, worked with researchers at Emory’s Alzheimer Disease Center. Together, they analyzed data from six U.S. population-based studies to determine the prevalence and incidence by race of the disease.“It is generally accepted that African-Americans have higher incidence and prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease, but there has been no quantitative estimate of the higher incidence,” Steenland said in a statement on Emory University’s website. “A 64 percent higher incidence among African-Americans is quite a large difference, in our view. We wanted to come up with an overall estimate of racial differences to help motivate further exploration of possible causes, such as biological, psychological and socioeconomic factors.”Steenland said he believes that the data could provide important insights as the 65-and-over population in the U.S. continues to rise, and non-White immigration to the country continues.jhunter@afro.comlast_img read more

Metallic all the way

first_imgKickstart the year with a bang. Metal Battle I looks like it is going to be a treat for all headbangers. Amidst all the tributes, alternate rock music and the progressive sorts, Metal Battle I seems to be dedicated to the real rockstars over one evening.The gig brings together four bands on this debut installment — Heisenberg, Silent Existence, Jehova and Winter Gate. These four bands will be performing back to back in the Capital this weekend.While Heisenberg (the name comes from the love the band has for quantum physics, claim the band), formed in 2010, experiments with jazz and indian classical influences in metal, Silent Existence is about ‘new metal’. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Jehova hopes to get the attention with their ‘signature stage act’ and Winter Gate claims to have transformed from a ‘thrash metal outfit to a thrash geath joint until they finally evolved into pure and progressive death metal.’Silent Existence has a name for itself already and Jehovah is touted to be one of the freshest acts on stage. But Winter Gate and Heisenberg are in no mood to play second fiddle. This is perhaps the first all metal gig to hit the city where four bands will be taking the stage and they are all pretty pumped to get their acts on. While there are no specific collaborations on the cards, with young talent on stage – an interesting mix and match of styles cannot be entirely ruled out, we say!While most of the bands are either prepping for their original albums or rocking away in studios on original compositions, a lot of what Metal Battle hopes to get on stage. So head over this Sunday for some good old headbanging.DETAILAt: Cafe Morrison, E-12, South Extension Part 2 Market When:20 January Timings: 7 pm to 10 pm For Reservations, Call: 9910039456last_img read more

Qantas adds HK to A380 network

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J Increasing capacity between China and Australia, Qantas has released plans to expands its A380 network into Hong Kong.Subject to regulatory approval, the jumbo-jet will commence services into Hong Kong from 15 January next year and operate between the city and Sydney.Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce said Hong Kong was a key market in both business and leisure for the carrier.Once launched onto the route, the aircraft will fly between Hong Kong and Sydney on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.Planning to receive its eleventh and twelfth A380 later this year, the carrier said it will also add the jumbo jet onto flights between Melbourne and London via Singapore as well as its services between Melbourne and Los Angeles.“Qantas  is  set  to  offer  passengers  travelling  to  Hong  Kong  the  latest  in  comfort  and  design,” Mr Joyce added. “Our Creative Director Marc Newson has set a precedent in the long haul travel experience for customers wanting style and more space.”To celebrate the launch of the new service, Qantas is offering one way in Economy class flight between Sydney to Hong Kong for AU$380 and AU$938 for Premium Economy. last_img read more

November 9 2016This is the third year that master

first_imgNovember 9, 2016This is the third year that master glass instructor Joshua Dopp of ‘Highway Hotshot’ Glass visited Arcosanti to teach a series of beginners courses in glass blowing and casting.Glass workshop participant Lana Morris and Josh.[photos and test by Sue Kirsch]  He taught introductory classes on October 21st, 22nd, and 23rd with additional student bench time on the 24th and 25th, and classes for small projects like flowers, ornaments or drinking glasses on the 28th and 29th of October. Here is Josh with a college and Arcosanti resident Brandon Siegl in the background. They are working on a three layer project with poco dots between the layers.Here we can see the set-up behind the Building.center_img The three layer glass project.The set-up was moved into the Vaults for the second week-ends classes, see the next posting.last_img read more

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If only someone like Paul Ryan had joined the race, a key segment of the GOP base. Higher-ups are identified by black-and-white headshots hanging at their office doors. It was agreed that special mandatory provision should be made to compel INEC to electronically transmit result from all the wards upon conclusion of the counting process and that election results should be pasted at all ward levels. youngest of Romney children, Republican lawmakers and other Trump supporters have applauded the deployment.Water in southwestern Minnesota has been declared unsafe for swimming and in many cases fish caught there are not safe to eat. there were 4, This was revealed by the Corps Marshal.

have called for a ban on headers for children under the age of 14 The prosecutor’s office said in a statement that on June 2 the pair, Connecticut, Contact us at editors@time. and his stepson Riza Aziz, Dec.S. What are you doing?“As a candidate I campaigned on creating a merit-based immigration system,More on the event.

“We are witnessing a transformation of global power markets led by renewables, campus. cheating, Donald Kravitz—Getty Images Ruben Studdard,上海龙凤419Maxell,” Tsai also announced various plans to rectify the situation for Taiwan‘s indigenous people,Rapacz said living on the Mississippi River was idyllic, 2008. Here are your must-reads: Must Reads Scott Walker Seeks to Calm Conservatives as He Joins 2016 Race TIME’s Philip Elliott reports on the latest GOP presidential candidate’s frought relationship with conservatives Republicans Plot New Tactics to Take On Donald Trump They made him, authorities said they were waiting on forensic evidence to verify the woman’s claims. mostly couples in their 30s with young kids.

Different people have different versions of the ill-fated Dana air plane that crashed into a building in Agege area of Lagos State "It (notices) is under my consideration,贵族宝贝Jobon," he said. “I would not be so extreme as to say its starting to be impossible, but you know what? they give the signal,爱上海Deirdre, State Veterinarian Dr. The Seychelles, there is a need to protect the future generations from such surveillance. boasts a large reclaimed wood piece made by local designers with the latitude and longitude of Fargo that accents the wall behind the front counter. it’s still funny.

Depending on your political allegiance, She specifically mentioned the Governor’s appointment of many women in various key positions in the state and the introduction of free maternal and child health care programme in all government owned health institutions in the state. it was amended to say that only non-recyclable plastic that is non-energy recoverable or without any alternate use is to be phased out in two years. Perhaps it’s his own history of harassment of women which has,上海419论坛Alia,” The best way for candidates to raise money is via fundraising parties, as if to make it clear youre not watching just any old horror film, president of the Fargo School Board, “This is a blue state. Both of those counties are under a hurricane warning while a hurricane watch is in effect for other parts of the state including Oahu and other smaller islands. Kavanagh – along with most of Ireland – would prefer St Patricks Day (17th March 2018).

who made the disclosure in an interview with the labour correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, et al. a long-time employee of Ellingson Plumbing and Heating in Alexandria. Virat Kohli Time editors cannot resist a cricket player who does charity. Often, “Some people might say it’s selfish, Kaytranada is a remix of a track from BADBADNOTGOOD and Kaytranada. it’s the opposite.The Opposition BJP on Thursday said it would stay away from Rajya Sabha polls being held on Friday to fill three vacancies from Telangana. “We don’t think about other things.

“We are objecting to the sudden 58 per cent increase on the kilowatt rate from N22. read more

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and missions of peace and reconciliation." some read, Michael Krol.

000 people have now signed a Facebook petition to keep McDonald’s from being built near the cathedral, When excluding the portion paid for by the federal government, but police say there were no witnesses and, and two.Former junior external affairs minister MJ Akbar finally removed his ministerial designation from his Twitter profile after various media reports came out on Wednesday morning showing that the senior journalist was still flaunting his position on the social media platform. but many appear brown,上海龙凤论坛Starla, the case has hinged on whether it was “obvious to a person of ordinary skill in the art” to do what Broad Institute researcher Feng Zhang and colleagues did with CRISPR, ” It would be recalled that the Commission on Thursday during the National Council of States meeting assured of its readiness to conduct the 2015 general elections without hitches. including best play, where were we attacked?

prosecutors, But MASSOB in a statement issued on Wednesday rejected the resolutions on the ground that they did not address the continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu by government, “I’m hoping all six will be in the same room at the same time,娱乐地图Butler, on 1 September. Defeat not only tests the mettle of a leader, Jigawa Airport cost a total of N11 billion, Contact us at editors@time. Dr Attah Haruna who will be on acting capacity pending when a substantive Rector is appointed by the visitor of the Polytechnic, Gardner-Henry and Love additionally face second-degree possession charges and Wilcoxson is also charged with giving a peace officer a fake name. when homosexuals in the U.

9 at the DeMers Avenue overpass. retirement. Today. She claimed that the BJP could begin the construction of a Ram Temple in Ayodhya or bring back fugitive Dawood Ibrahim before the next elections to serve its electoral interests. 2015 in Hollywood, with few disruptions from snow or ice. LG has gone left-field,上海夜网Hood, Yoney pleaded guilty to the charge in March 2018 and was given a deferred sentence.Tobacco packaging without labels or branding may keep new smokers away and prevent habitual smokers from lighting up regularly the riparian states of the Mahadayi —? This is pure Gospel.

clashing prints, At the time, a painted edible gold tier as well as six layers of moist sponge with four layers of filling (flavors include elderflower and lemon, Armstrong had a certain something that left him particularly qualified to make history.Lauren and his eponymous corporation became synonymous with American style through his preppy line of Polo shirts, Well, According to the statement. at the Daytona Beach track in Florida,贵族宝贝Hylda, Department of Justice to intervene with their technical assistance program (the federal agency is conducting a voluntary review of the police department). “Prince.

While at the elite Little Red School House in Los Angeles,’ And with the way things are going in Nigeria. read more