Discoms make a beeline for cheaper power supplied by NTPC under SCED

first_imgNew Delhi: A large number of discoms are making a beeline for the power supplied by NTPC under the SCED system which facilitates supply of cheaper electricity on priority, industry sources said. Under SCED (Security Constrained Economic Dispatch), implemented over a year ago, power generating companies raise capacity utilisation of more efficient plants or of those units which are located closer to coal mines and thus have lower freight cost. As a result, the cost of power production goes down, which benefits both the distribution companies (discoms) and end consumers. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalThe mechanism then pools supply from selected stations on a national-level ‘merit order’, under which power is first dispatched from lower fuel cost units whenever any state seeks electricity from the central pool. “A large number of discoms are availing benefit under the SCED system to get cheaper power supplies,” a source said. “Power purchase cost of cash strapped power distribution companies has started to come down under the new SCED programme,” the source added. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boostAccording to an estimate, discoms are expected to save as much as Rs 2.5 crore per day due to this mechanism that allows states to access cheaper power first. There are currently 49 thermal power plants as part of the SCED pilot project with a total installed capacity of 56 GW. All stations of NTPC are contributing to the central pool. This optimisation scheme has a cost saving potential of around Rs 3,000 crore per year if all coal stations of the IPPs (independent power producers) and state generation companies are brought under its ambit. The arrangement where POSOCO (Power System Operation Corporation) has been given the flexibility to reschedule power from lower fuel cost units first means that even after adding transmission charges, the final tariff is still lower than most of the contracts signed by these entities. NTPC is best equipped to offer power at lower cost to the central pool since a number of its units have lower fuel costs and have been operational for decades now, which translates into lower fixed cost as well, another source said. The gross power generation of the the NTPC Group for 2018-19 was 305.90 billion units (BUs) as against 294.27 BUs during the previous year. The average power tariff of the firm was Rs 3.38 per unit in 2018-19.last_img read more

This year more returns expected before the gifts are opened

first_imgNEW YORK — ‘Twas the week before Christmas and shoppers were already returning their holiday hauls.Delivery company UPS expects its busiest return day to fall before Christmas for the first time. The company says there are many reasons for the pre-Christmas return boom, including more people buying stuff for themselves that they want to send back.UPS expects to handle 1.5 million returns on Dec. 19, and predicts another spike on Jan. 3 when it expects to handle 1.3 million returned packages. UPS says it used historical data and information from retailers to come up with its figures.Joseph Pisani, The Associated Presslast_img read more

Grande Prairie RCMP Seek Assistance in Locating Missing Person

first_imgGRANDE PRAIRIE, A.B. – Grande Prairie RCMP are seeking the public’s assistance in locating Christopher Orford (20).He was last seen in the Grande Prairie area on February 19, 2019.Orford is described as: AboriginalBlack HairBrown eyes6’0″‘165lbsWearing coverallsTattoo on left arm of roses and the word JoyThere is a concern for Orford’s well-being.The RCMP would like to locate and speak with him as soon as possible. If you have any information about his whereabouts, you are asked to call the Grande Prairie RCMP Detachment at 780-830-5700 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.last_img read more

Northern Rockies Sets Strategic Priorities for 20192022 Term

first_imgThe NRRM will MEANINGFULLY ENGAGE with its residents, understand and respond to the communities, FOSTERING CONNECTION between community and Council. The NRRM will ENGAGE and EMPOWER communities, ensuring ADEQUATE REPRESENTATION in decisions affecting the region. Environment The NRRM will DEMONSTRATE LEADERSHIP (through promotion, education, support and innovation) in meeting the targets established within the Municipality’s sustainability strategies. Infrastructure The NRRM will make INFORMED DECISIONS regarding the building, operation, maintenance, renewal, replacement and disposal of infrastructure assets “Council has a roadmap to help direct efforts toward the projects that will best achieve the needs of our municipality. We intend to ensure that we concentrate on building a resilient region that balances economic and social well-being of the people that live here,” said Mayor Gary Foster. “Reflecting community needs for the term of Council. These priorities will guide every aspect of municipal budgets, goals, objectives and actions. The culmination of extensive deliberations by Regional Council over the past several months.” The NRRM will confirm that initiatives are centred on the goals within the Strategic Plan, reporting to Council periodically to measure progress towards the Council’s objectives. Regional Council is now reviewing actions and measures to complete the plan.Regional Council has updated its vision from the previous iteration to state; “The NRRM will be resilient – using available resources to maintain balance across the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the community. With diverse choices and ample opportunities for employment, education, recreation, housing and health and wellness services, the Northern Rockies will thrive. We will proudly embrace the character of our unique northern communities and create innovative solutions that enhance our quality of life.” The Plan is built within a framework of the following Core Values:  FORT NELSON, B.C. – The Northern Rockies Regional Council has approved its 2019-2022 Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan for the next four years reflects the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM) Council’s vision, goals and priorities. According to the NRRM, using the Plan as a guide will ensure the alignment of efforts with Council priorities, to provide a framework for resource allocation and building consensus among members. center_img Fostering partnerships Engaging and representing regional stakeholders Building positive relationships Communicating in an open, transparent & accessible manner Maintaining transparency & accountability Being fiscally responsible Leveraging the NRRM’s unique features Taking a solution-based approach The Strategic Plan is developed upon five foundational pillars; each pillar contains goals to direct actions and initiatives. Economy The NRRM will strive to STRENGTHEN and DIVERSIFY the economy Social The NRRM will remain Committed to a HIGH QUALITY of life for the residents of the NRRM The NRRM will be DRIVEN to achieve EQUITABLE ACCESS TO HEALTH CARE. Governance last_img read more

Inspiring success story in America Moroccan Neurosurgeon Rachid Assina

first_imgCasablanca- His name is Rachid Assina, one of those young Moroccans who, with unmatchable perseverance, hard work, and willpower, managed to make their dreams come true in a foreign country despite all the heavy hindrances that got in the way. Today, he is the first Moroccan expert  neurosurgeon and fellow in complex and minimally invasive spine surgery at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, U.S.A. Rachid was born and brought up in Salé  among a family of eight. He had attended Mohammed V University in Rabat, majoring in Biology and Geology before obtaining a scholarship to study pharmacy at the University of Rennes in France. There, life confronted him with its toughest facets. The scholarship money proved insufficient and he had to manage his own way through an increasingly stressful life.Sleeping in the streets of Paris was one of the things he endured so as not to shatter his budding dreams there. After all the doors there were closed in his face, he decided to pursue his fading dreams in a different land. A member of his family secured him a part-time job for a Saudi prince. The ocean’s waves took him to the U.S., where life was friendlier than in France. But there again, he had to find a way to surmount the daunting hardships of illegal resident status in the U.S. Rachid turned his hand to a plethora of small jobs, ranging from dishwasher to cab driver. After two years of perseverance, he secured a Green Card and legalized his residency in the States. The pieces of his previously shattered dreams started to come together again after he applied to and was accepted at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston, in 1995.Rachid then met his soulmate in college and married in 1998. He subsequently immersed himself in the sphere of family warmth, and decided to take a short leave of absence to enjoy his life with his new family in Florida.  But during his college years, Rachid had discovered a new, more ambitious dream, that of becoming a doctor. So back to college once again to pursue a new dream, he fell in love with neurosurgery and felt that becoming a neurosurgeon was the thing he wanted to do for the rest of his life.The path of neurosurgery was anything but a “piece of cake.” The requirements of his new pursuit seemed to compete with his familial responsibilities—pitching his dreams against his responsibilities. Astonishingly enough, not only did Rachid succeed “big-time” in his very challenging academic and professional pursuits, but he also managed to keep his supportive family a number one priority. By virtue of hard work, Rachid managed to kill many birds with one stone!Today, Rachid Assina is a reason why Morocco should be proud of its ambitious, hardworking, full-of-energy citizens abroad. He holds a B.S. in Pharmacy from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and an M.D. from Ross University School of medicine. He found his passion in one of the medical world’s most intricate and challenging specialties, brain surgery, and paved the way to success himself.  Yet, having achieved such success, for Rachid the journey has only just begun: “My personal goals are to train in neurosurgery/spine and contribute to the field as well as to provide neurosurgical treatment in areas of the world where it is not routinely available. I plan to be a strong advocate for my patients, while also participating actively in teaching and research.”Rachid Assina is living proof that “the harder the struggle is in life, the sweeter the victory is afterwards.”© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributedlast_img read more

Waterdown bodies day 2

The Hamilton Police Homicide Unit has taken over an investigation after two bodies were found inside a home on Riley Street in Waterdown on Friday. The bodies have not been formally identified, but neighbours have said they have not seen Wayne and Lori Constable, the people who live in the home, since Monday. According to police, there was nothing unusual inside the home nor any signs of forced entry. Neighbours on the quiet street are still in shock saying that the couple who lived there were very friendly and welcoming. An autopsy was done on Saturday and the results were given to both police and the coroners office. The results will determine if further investigation is needed. read more

Famine and malnutrition stalk strifetorn Central African Republic UN agencies warn

“We urgently need support from donors so we won’t start running out of food in January,” the UN World Food Programme (WFP) Regional Director for West Africa, Denise Brown, said in Bangui, the capital of CAR. “We are providing food for hungry people wherever we can in CAR. But insecurity is the biggest challenge.”With the coming harvest threatened since farmers have fled their lands or lack seeds due to looting and because people have had to eat them instead of saving them for planting, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and WFP have launched a 100-day response plan to boost nutrition and restore agricultural production through seed distribution and storage facilities. But so far FAO has only been able to raise $4.3 million of the $61 million needed to help 1.8 million people, out of a total population of 4.6 million.“The success of the next planting season crucially hinges on the return of farming families to the fields,” FAO said in a news release. “Families who are unable to plant in March will have to wait one whole year before they can hope to harvest again. Failure to help these families will have dramatic consequences on the food security for a quarter of the Central African population. “The low production perceived from the last harvest coupled with a prevailing situation of chronic country-wide malnutrition is setting the stage for a full-scale food and nutrition security crisis should the next planting season fail.”CAR has been thrown into turmoil since mainly Muslim Séléka rebels launched attacks a year ago and forced President François Bozizé to flee in March. A transitional government has since been entrusted with restoring peace and paving the way for democratic elections, but armed clashes have erupted again and the mainly Christian anti-Balaka movement has taken up arms. Earlier this month Christians and Muslims launched reprisal attacks against each other in and around Bangui, where some 210,000 people were driven from their homes.”The combination of food shortages and poor sanitary conditions in the camps and deep in the bush, as well as extreme poverty, risk triggering serious malnutrition,” FAO Country Representative Alexis Bonte said following a visit to Bossangoa, 160 miles north of Bangui, on Sunday.WFP, which has appealed for $107 million through August 2014 to assist 1.25 million people, has called on all parties to ensure the safe and unhindered access of humanitarian personnel and the timely delivery of aid to people in need wherever they are. “WFP is neutral and delivers assistance solely on the basis of need,” Ms. Brown said.Despite the volatile security situation, WFP and its partners have assisted more than 237,000 people since 5 December, and from January to April will increase food distributions, provide supplementary feeding to combat malnutrition among children under five, and aid vulnerable groups. From May to August, it will also reach more people in need during the lean season when the last harvest runs out.The new emergency operation specifies that because of security risks, food distributions will be undertaken by teams moving swiftly from site to site and able to adjust plans. To avoid putting people in need of assistance at risk, a protection analysis will be conducted in each place. In some locations, cooked meals may be provided to help protect women and children.Earlier this month WFP launched a special operation to deploy more staff, set up local offices, obtain vital security and telecommunications equipment and support establishing cross-border humanitarian flights into CAR at a cost of $5.3 million through June. read more

A 46inch multitouch coffee table computer ties your living room together

first_imgOnce upon a time, Microsoft’s Surface wasn’t a consumer-grade portable tablet aimed at the iPad and Nexus market. Long before we all swiped through Windows 8 on the landscape-oriented tablet, it was a huge, expensive touchscreen table. Obviously, that didn’t go anywhere fruitful, and the touchscreen table died so that the Surface we all know and (barely) love could live. A company called Ideum felt it could fare better than Microsoft ever did with a huge touchscreen-turned-table, and has a line of similar devices. Apparently that business is going well, and Ideum announced a new entry into the family, a 46-inch touchscreen coffee table.Certainly able to provide more entertainment than any coffee table book, the Platform 46 coffee table sports 60 touch points, and is free of the constraints of a bezel. Underneath the hood lies a Core i7 3770s processor, clocking in at 3.1GHz, an obvious 8GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard drive. The table also features Intel’s WiDi technology, which allows you to wirelessly beam the table’s contents to an HDMI-compatible display, though you will need a WiDi receiver.The coffee table also has Ethernet and Bluetooth capability, as well as wireless N WiFi. It has a host of ports, including USB, HDMI, DVI, VGA, and DP. The table also comes with a Blu-ray player, and runs Windows 8 Professional 64-bit. If you aren’t too hot on the table’s starting specs, you can upgrade to 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD, as well as add a GPU. If you aren’t too hot on those, you can purchase the system without the computer inside, and build your own instead.Like the once-expensive Microsoft Surface, which retailed for $12,000, Ideum’s tables are quite expensive as well, starting at $9,950. They’re not too complicated as far as computers go, at least, as they’re essentially just a very large touchscreen turned on its back, then stuck on top of a computer case built as strong as a coffee table stand. The glass is also chemically strengthened so it can perform all the duties of a coffee table, such as supporting the weight of your feet while you watch HBO. If you’re in the market for one, there are worse ways to spend $10,000.last_img read more

Geek Deals New Dell G7 Hexacore Gaming Laptop Over 200 off the

first_imgIf you’d like to do some graphically intense gaming away from your desk, the new Dell G7 hexacore laptop is worth your consideration. Not only does it sport a 2.2GHz Coffee Lake Intel Core i7-8750H CPU, but it also has a beefy Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 GPU (with 6GB of memory), a 256GB solid-state drive, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and a 15.6-inch 1080p IPS display. You can also benefit from great bargains on 4K TVs, gaming consoles, and more with today’s deals.Featured DealsNEW Dell G7 Intel Core i7-8750H Six-core 1080p Gaming 15.6-inch Laptop with GTX 1060, 256GB SSD for $1099.99 at Dell.Dell OptiPlex 3050 Micro Intel Core i5-7500T Windows 10 Pro Desktop with 256GB SSD and 3yr Onsite Warranty for $629 at Dell (List price: $1012.86).HP Z2 Mini G3 Intel Core i7-6700 Quad-core Workstation (Refurb) with 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD and 2GB Quadro M620 NVIDIA Graphics and 1-Year HP Warranty for $799.99 at PCMag Shop (Coupon code: SAVE50 – List price: $999).55-inch Sony 55X900E 4K Ultra HD Smart HDTV and $250 Dell Gift Card for $998 at Dell (List price: $1198).Essential Phone 128GB Unlocked Smartphone with 4K 360 degree Camera for $466.95 at Amazon (List price: $699).TerraMaster 4-Bay Intel 2.41GHz Diskless NAS Server with 2GB RAM for $222.95 at Amazon (Clip $90 Coupon – List price: $312.95).Foscam FI9800PR Outdoor 720p HD Wi-Fi Security Bullet Camera for $40.39 at Amazon (Clip $10 Coupon and Coupon code: 9800DEAL – List price: $69.99).Wancle 850W Sous Vide Immersion Circulator Precision Cooker for $69.99 at Amazon (Coupon code: WANCLE70 – List price: $109.99).Laptop and Desktop ComputersDell Inspiron 15 7000 Intel Core i5-7300HQ Quad 15.6-inch 1080p IPS Gaming Laptop with 6GB GTX 1060 GPU for $849.99 at Dell (List price: $1099.99).Dell XPS 13 8th-gen Intel Core i7-8550U Quad-core 13.3-inch 1080p Ultra-thin Laptop with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD for $949.99 at Dell (Coupon code: 50OFF699 – List price: $1299.99).Lenovo IdeaPad 320 Intel Core i7-7500U 15.6-inch 1080p Laptop with 16GB RAM for $549.99 at Lenovo (Coupon code: SAVEMORE – List price: $849.99).Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Intel Core i5-8250U Quad-core 15.6-inch 1080p IPS Laptop with 256GB SSD, GeForce MX130 for $649.99 at Dell (Coupon code: 50OFF699 – List price: $799.99).Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Intel Core i5-7300HQ Quad 15.6-inch 1080p IPS Gaming Laptop with 4GB GTX 1050Ti, 256GB SSD for 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Juan Hidalgo for 51st Congressional District

first_img Categories: Local San Diego News, Politics Tags: Decision 2018 FacebookTwitter October 21, 2018 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The midterm election is coming up.Juan Hidalgo joined us Sunday morning to talk about his run for 51st Congressional District. KUSI Newsroom, Juan Hidalgo, for 51st Congressional Districtcenter_img KUSI Newsroom Updated: 1:42 PM Posted: October 21, 2018last_img read more

Gov Newsom in San Diego to discuss relief aid for asylum seekers

first_img January 31, 2019 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (AP)- California Gov. Gavin Newsom praised San Diego County for providing a shelter for asylum seekers and said Thursday he wants the state to set up an emergency fund of $25 million to address what he has called an humanitarian crisis created by the federal government.Speaking during a visit to San Diego on Thursday, Newsom told reporters that $5 million should be made available this year – mostly to help San Diego’s shelter.He said his proposal is worded “loosely” to allow for flexibility in the spending but he believes the money is needed for a problem that will not be going away in the near future.The most immediate needs for now are in San Diego County, where humanitarian groups say they have aided more than 5,500 asylum seekers after the U.S. federal government started releasing migrants onto the streets.The humanitarian organizations have been running a shelter for asylum seekers out of churches and other locations but the groups have had to move five times.San Diego County officials on Tuesday agreed to allow an unused courthouse to be used as a shelter for asylum seekers. Most stay between 12 to 48 hours at the shelter before arranging airfare or bus tickets to their final destinations with relatives or sponsors.The U.S. started returning some asylum seekers to Tijuana, Mexico, this week after reaching an agreement with Mexico to allow them to remain there while their cases wind through the courts, which could take months or years. But Mexico so far has said no children will be allowed to be returned. The San Diego shelter has served only families.Newsom said lawmakers will discuss the proposed emergency fund Monday.Since taking office in January, Newsom has taken a more active role in border and immigration affairs than former Gov. Jerry Brown, also a Democrat, who supported limits on cooperation with federal deportation agents but joined President Donald Trump’s mission to deploy the National Guard to the border on condition that troops have nothing to do with immigration enforcement.Newsom told reporters Thursday his administration would be reviewing the work the troops have done but stopped short of saying whether he would pull back the National Guard troops altogether or reduce the number on the border.“I’ve been very open and honest and transparent and my anxiety around the original agreement and my desire to as they say turn the page,” but he added “conditions on the border are changing. The Guard are working in many different capacities. Some may be appropriate, from my humble perspective, others may be less so.”Full press conference: AP, KUSI Newsroom Categories: Local San Diego News, Politics, Trending FacebookTwitter AP, KUSI Newsroom, Gov. Newsom in San Diego to discuss relief, aid for asylum seekers Posted: January 31, 2019last_img read more

Vancouver teens train death ruled a suicide

first_imgYouth Suicide Prevention Programhttp://www.yspp.orgClark County Crisis Line (24 hour): 360-696-9560The 17-year-old Vancouver boy who was killed by a train early Monday morning has been identified as a junior at Mountain View High School.Following an autopsy, the Clark County Medical Examiner’s Office issued a news release Tuesday afternoon that listed the manner of death as suicide. The Columbian is not reporting the victim’s name.A team of counselors has been at Mountain View since Monday to help students deal with the death of their classmate, a district spokeswoman said.Vancouver police were dispatched to the area at Southeast 164th Avenue and Rivershore Drive after someone called 911 at 2:42 a.m. Monday.BNSF Railway spokesman Gus Melonas said the westbound train was carrying oil from North Dakota to Bellingham and traveling 40 mph in a 50 mph zone when the crew saw a person in the crossing.The crew applied the emergency brakes, but the train struck the person, Melonas told The Columbian on Monday. The flashers and gates for the train crossing were activated, Melonas said. The tracks were closed until about 6 a.m., delaying eight trains.last_img read more

The Elgato Stream Deck Mini is a steal at 50

first_img 11 The Cheapskate Best laptops for college students: We’ve got an affordable laptop for every student. Best live TV streaming services: Ditch your cable company but keep the live channels and DVR. Share your voice Comments Roku Streaming Stick Tags Say hello to the Stream Deck Mini, the programmable shortcut-button gadget you didn’t know you needed. Elgato I know zilch about MacBooks, but I know people really like that Touch Bar thing that comes on some models. It’s basically a row of shortcut buttons for things like apps and settings. If you’re a Windows user, perhaps you’ve wished for a Touch Bar of your own? Today I bring you something, well, similar, but also different — and very cool, and arguably even better.For a limited time, and while supplies last, Amazon has the Elgato Stream Deck Mini programmable 6-button controller for $49.99. That’s an all-time low price; it normally sells for $100. Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page. (Update: It’s now sold out at Amazon, but Best Buy appears to still have it in stock at $49.99.)See it at AmazonThe Stream Deck Mini provides six customizable LCD buttons you can use for a wide variety of functions. Although it was ostensibly made with video production in mind — you can program it to, say, quickly switch from one video feed to another — the device is just as useful for gaming and productivity purposes.For example, you could make one of the buttons your “morning startup” key: A single press would launch your browser, mail client, VPN utility and so on. (One button can perform multiple actions.) Meanwhile, gamers can use the Stream Deck to quickly access weapons, key-combos and such.The coolest part is that each button can show a different image — even an animated image if you’re so inclined. The accompanying software appears to give you a ton of control over button design and configuration, but also operates with drag-and-drop simplicity.I’ve never tried one of these, but the reviews I’ve seen (at Amazon and elsewhere) are overwhelmingly enthusiastic. People thought this was a steal at $100. So 50% off? If you have even the slightest interest, I say grab one. Bonus deal: Clean like you mean it with the Dyson Ball upright vacuum for $199.99 (save $200)I’ve owned a Dyson Ball vacuum for close to 10 years, and the sucker is still going strong. In fact, we often marvel at the colossal amount of dust and debris that ends up in its clear, easy-to-empty canister. (Either we’re pigs or that’s just how good these cleaners are. Maybe both.)Want one? For a limited time, Best Buy has the Dyson Ball Multi Floor Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner for $199.99. That’s $200 off the list price, though it’s worth noting that Best Buy runs this sale pretty often. If you miss it, well, it’ll come around again.See it at Best BuyThe product name tells you pretty much everything you need to know: Ball (for very easy steering), Multi Floor (so, carpet and hard floors alike), upright (as opposed to one of the canister types) and bagless (best innovation ever). Not mentioned in the name: It has a built-in stair tool that can also be used to clean curtains, couches and hard-to-reach areas. Oh, yeah: You get a 5-year warranty.A Dyson is an investment, but right now less so than usual. I wouldn’t trade mine for anything; it was so worth it. Bonus deal No. 2: Also $199.99: This 50-inch Sharp Roku TVSurprise! A brand other than TCL makes Roku TVs. And such a deal on it right now: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Best Buy has the Sharp LC-50LB601U 50-inch Roku TV for $199.99, the lowest price to date.See it at Best BuyIt’s a 1080p model, something to consider if you’re hoping to make the leap into 4K — though I’d argue that at this size, 4K is overkill. (Plus, there’s still just not a ton of 4K content!)CNET hasn’t reviewed this model, but it has a 4.6-star average rating from around 860 Best Buy customers.Bonus deal No. 3: Save your marriage with these Sharper Image wireless TV headphones for $28.99As you may know, Roku streaming sticks and TVs allow for a feature called Private Listening. It’s really handy, but not ideal for every person and situation. (It’s also no good for non-Roku content.) sharper-image-own-zoneA simple an affordable way to keep TV audio private. Sharper Image Here’s another solution: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Cheapskate readers can get the Sharper Image Own Zone Wireless TV Headphones for $28.99. That’s after applying promo code CHEAPZONE at checkout. Original price: $60.See it at Daily StealsJust plug the base station into any of your TV’s audio-out ports, then turn on the headphones. This setup doesn’t rely on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so there’s no phone or tablet in the mix.Sharper Image promises a 100-foot range and allows for multiple sets of ‘phones to be paired to the same TV. Take it from experience: Something like this is fantastic for, say, an aging dad who can’t hear the TV well, but doesn’t want to disturb the rest of the house with blaring volume.CNET’s Cheapskate scours the web for great deals on tech products and much more. For the latest deals and updates, follow the Cheapskate on Facebook and Twitter. Questions about the Cheapskate blog? Find the answers on our FAQ page, and find more great buys on the CNET Deals page. Computer Accessories TVs Headphones Vacuum Cleaners Review • Roku Streaming Stick: Good but niche Amazon Best Buy Dysonlast_img read more

275 lakh saplings to be planted

first_imgVikarabad: District Collector Ayesha Masrat Khanam said as many as 2.75 lakh samplings will be planted in the coming Haritha Haram programme in the district. She said saplings were available in 565 nurseries in the district. Responding in the video conference by the Chief Secretary SK Joshi on the preparations for Haritha Haram programme, here on Friday, the Collector informed that the planting has already begun in some places and will commence in other places after the rains. Also Read – Secunderabad: Major General N Srinivas Rao makes farewell visit to AOC Advertise With Us She also informed the chief secretary that 37.84 percent of the saplings planted in last four years are survived successfully. Interacting with the collectors, forest and endowment minister Indrakaran Reddy said temperatures can be brought down by growing trees. He directed the collectors to take up the responsibility of making this programme successful.DRO Mothilal, DRDO Johnson, DFO Venu Madhav were present.last_img read more

Markets extend losses for fourth straight session ITC loses 65 on sin

first_imgIndian equity markets continued their losing streak for the fourth consecutive day on Monday, 7 December, responding to the strong possibility of a rate hike by the US at its next meeting on 15 and 16 December following the release of improved US non-farm payroll figures.The S&P BSE Sensex closed at 25,530.11, down 108 points, or 0.42%, while the NSE Nifty ended with a loss of 16.50 points, or 0.21%, at 7,765.40.Cigarette maker ITC was the biggest Sensex loser, shedding 6.57% on renewed fears of a “sin” tax and closed at Rs 313.55.Sin tax refers to tax on alcohol and tobacco. It is expected that under the proposed GST regime, alcohol and tobacco makers will have to pay “sin” tax.The most critical data before the US Fed meeting revealed that the US added 2.11 lakh non-farm jobs in November, better than the estimate of 1.90 lakh jobs. Besides, the numbers for the preceding months of September and October were also revised upwards by 35,000 jobs.It is expected that the healthy payroll figures could result in the Fed hiking rates by a nominal 0.25%.The markets had opened on a positive note in the morning. While the Sensex was up 89 points, or 0.35%, the 50-share Nifty was trading higher at 7,806.90 points, up 0.32% from Friday closing.The early morning rally was on expected lines, tracking the SGX Nifty and other Asian markets, besides an uptick in US markets on non-farm payroll figures, brokerage Angel Broking had said in its morning update.Sun Pharma, Lupin, Tata Steel and Hindustan Unilever were the prominent Sensex gainers while the top losers were ITC, Bajaj Finserv, Sun TV Network, India Hotels, Coal India and ONGC.While 1,446 shares advanced on the BSE, 1,316 declined.last_img read more

Pashtun rights group accuses Pakistan army of abuses

first_imgIn this 22 April 2018 photo, Manzoor Pashteen, a leader of Pashtun Protection Movement addresses his supporters during a rally in Lahore, Pakistan. APA Pakistani human rights group has accused the military of widespread abuses as it battles Islamist militants in Pakistan’s rugged border region with neighbouring Afghanistan.The group has emerged as a force among the country’s Pashtun minority, drawing tens of thousands to rallies to protest what it contends is a campaign of intimidation that includes extrajudicial killings and thousands of disappearances and detentions.The group’s charismatic leader, 25-year-old Manzoor Pashteen, has become the face of the country’s oppressed Pashtun, charging that in the name if its “war on terror” the military has used indiscriminant force as it hunts for Taliban hideouts in the tribal regions where the Pashtun dominate, imposing collective punishments like bulldozing the homes of family members of suspected militants and punishing entire villages for extremist attacks.The catalyst for the group’s creation was the police killing in January of Naqueebullah Mehsud, a 27-year-old ethnic Pashtun and aspiring model who was shot dead in the southern port city of Karachi, where many displaced Pashtuns have relocated after being displaced by the military operations in the tribal regions.The authorities originally said Mehsud fired first during a raid by security forces on a militant hideout, but later acknowledged he was unarmed and had been targeted simply because he was Pashtun.His death ignited protests by Pashtuns, who accused Pakistan’s security forces of racial profiling, seeing all Pashtuns as Taliban simply because many insurgents in Afghanistan and Pakistan are recruited from among Pashtun tribesmen.Within weeks what began as a small group of about two dozen had morphed into a popular movement. Known as the Pashtun Protection Movement, it has drawn huge crowds to rallies where Pashteen leads the charge, accusing the military of detaining thousands of Pashtuns in internment camps for months or even years without charges and intimidating residents at the dozens of check points scattered throughout the tribal regions.Residents, he said, were scared silent, too afraid to criticise the army tactics.“Punishment is all about sending a message to keep silent,” Pashteen told The Associated Press in an interview in Peshawar, the capital of Pakistan’s Khyber Pukhtunkhwa province and home to the majority of the country’s ethnic Pashtuns. “When we began we were fed up with life, treated like we were not human. One thousand percent we were sure we would be killed.”Even his father pleaded with him to end his campaign against the military. “He told me that it would be trouble not just for me, but for my family,” Pashteen said.Yet, as his small group of followers took their grievances from the tribal regions to Peshawar and eventually to the capital, Islamabad, “people joined us,” he said. “For many years our people have wanted to do something. They were looking for a leader.”Wearing his signature red embroidered cap and a dark, well-kept beard, Pashteen seems an unlikely leader.Trained as a doctor, he is a pacifist, who refuses – despite prodding from family and friends – to carry a weapon in his car for protection in an area where guns proliferate and are considered a birthright. His protests are peaceful, he said, adding he has just two demands: The establishment of a peace and reconciliation commission to address the grievances of Pashtuns, including extrajudicial killings, and that the thousands of people in detention centres be brought to trial if they are accused of a crime or be released.“The military has become a state within a state,” Pashteen said.Considered the most powerful institution in Pakistan, public criticism of the army is risky and rarely tolerated. At the same time, the ascendency of the Pashtun Protection Movement poses a public relations nightmare for the army at a time when it is ramping up its effort to project success in the tribal areas, claiming to have defeated extremism and boasting that terrorist hideouts have been wiped out.“The protesters aren’t just politely critiquing the military. They’re relentlessly assailing it and linking it to terror in ways rarely done before,” said Michael Kugleman, deputy director of the Asia Centre at the Washington-based Wilson Centre. “The protesters, with their focus on indignities and injustices in the tribal areas, are undercutting a narrative the military is trying to project about peace and normalcy returning to the tribal belt after many years of war.”Infuriated by Pashteen’s outspoken criticism, the army has accused him of being backed by “foreign powers,” a term usually used to refer to neighbouring Afghanistan or rival India. The army has also turned its intimidation tactics against his movement, pressuring news organisations throughout the country to ignore it and setting intelligence agents on university professors to try to force them to identify students attending protests. One political analyst was told his weekly column, in which he urged dialogue with Pashteen’s movement, could not be published because the newspaper was “under pressure” to remove it.“The military believes that (if) these protests get any air, they can turn from small fires into massive political conflagrations, so the best tactic is to deprive them of oxygen from the start,” said Daniel Markey, director of the Global Policy Program at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. “And, to be sure, they are operating in a challenging and contentious political climate.”Political chaos has marred much of the last year in Pakistan. Its prime minister was unseated on corruption charges, and handed a lifetime ban from participating in politics. Pashteen’s attacks on the military come as Pakistanis prepare to go to the polls later this year and could undermine the army’s traditional ability to influence the elections.“The army tends – also something we’ve seen before – to want to control or manage political outcomes as much as possible,” Markey said.The journalists’ advocacy group, Reporters without Borders, issued a statement last week complaining about the military’s efforts to muzzle Pakistan’s media and nearly 100 Pakistani journalists signed a petition condemning censorship.“After a week with several cases of overt press censorship in Pakistan, Reporters Without Borders … reiterates its solidarity with the country’s journalists and deplores the way the military continues to impose its diktat on the media,” the statement said. “The latest subject to be placed off limits is the Pashtun (Protection) Movement, which has been organising protests in defence of Pakistan’s Pashtun minority and denouncing human rights violations by the military targeting Pashtuns.”Mosharraf Zaidi, whose column was pulled by a local English language newspaper, said the supporters of Pashteen’s movement are mostly young and educated. They have known only war and chaos, he said, and most know or are related to someone who has been killed or taken either by militants or the military.Zaidi said he had hoped Pashteen’s movement “would prompt an honest discussion about our (decades-old) relationship with violent extremism.”last_img read more

Black Womens Health Week Raises National Awareness

first_imgBy Christina Sturdivant Sani, Special to the AFRO“This is an important initiative that we should all support and get behind,” tweeted rapper Common on April 17, in support of the first-ever Black Maternal Health Week.From April 11-17, hundreds of people convened in venues across the country and took to social media to raise awareness about the disproportionate challenges that Black women face when bringing life into the world.Linda Blount (Black Women’s Health Imperative), Breana Lipscomb (Center for Reproductive Rights), Aza Nedhari (Mamatoto Village), and Jamila Taylor (Center for American Progress) at the April 18 screening of Death by Delivery and panel conversation. (Photo by Christina Sturdivant Sani)“It was about highlighting for people the role of racism, discrimination, and unequal treatment in the variety of systems that influence our lives and how that impacts maternal health outcomes,” Elizabeth Dawes Gay, chair of the steering committee for Black Mamas Matter Alliance, told the AFRO.The alliance organized the weeklong summit that featured a series of webinars which explored topics like the unique challenges facing African immigrant and undocumented women. Meanwhile, on-the-ground events took place in California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, Georgia, and Maryland. In Baltimore, participants gathered for workshops on creating sacred spaces for birth and practicing yoga during pregnancy. Folks in Baltimore also screened the documentary film “Death by Delivery,” which was followed by a panel discussion with maternity care professionals.Black women live in a society where they aren’t valued, Gay said. “We’re constantly navigating a society and various systems that don’t have us in mind, that weren’t designed for us, and that sometimes seek to actively harm us.” These situations cause Black women to experience mental, physical and emotional trauma at higher rates in their everyday lives than their White counterparts.And when Black women become pregnant, some healthcare professionals don’t take their concerns seriously. Monifa Bandele, vice president of maternal justice programs at MomsRising—which supported the maternal health week—put it this way: “Black women are either hyper focused on, like followed in stores, or completely invisible in certain spaces—and the hospital is one of the places where Black women feel invisible.”Senator Kamala Harris, of California, tweeted a CDC statistic that Black women are 243 percent more likely than their White counterparts to die from pregnancy or childbirth-related causes. Harris introduced a resolution officially designating the week as Black Maternal Health Week. It was introduced to the House by California Congresswoman Alma Adams.And it’s not just Black women who are dying at alarming rates. Black infants are over two times more likely to die in their first year of life than White infants, according to a black paper, which was released by the Black Mamas Matter Alliance. The black paper sets a standard for the holistic care for Black women that’s culturally informed, patient-led, provides connections to social services, and fosters resilience, among other factors.While Gay said campaign organizers would love an overnight difference for Black women, “realistically that’s not going to happen—we’re going to see racial disparities in the data next year.” But they are prepared to “keep exploring possibilities for change and solutions until we see that drastic decline that we’re looking for.”That’s why Black Maternal Health Week needs to be an annual occasion, said Bandele. “It’s a way to come together and amplify the voices of Black women to policy makers who we want to make sure are listening and paying attention to this issue.”last_img read more

Watch These E3 2019 Video Game Trailers

first_img Play These E3 2019 Video Games Right NowThe 10 Biggest Games of E3 2019 E3 isn’t just about the lucky few people who descend on Los Angeles to be the first to play the latest and greatest upcoming video games. It’s about all of us together online seeing those video games for the time and raising hype, collectively. And nothing raises hype more for a game than a great E3 trailer. Well, a good leak might, be still.Even if you aren’t at E3 2019 you can still join in on the fun by watching the snazzy new trailers publishers cook up to get you to buy their games no questions asked. And instead of searching through different YouTube channels or sitting through entire press conferences, we’ve got the most exciting E3 2019 trailers right here conveniently gathered in one spot. You’re welcome. Make sure to keep coming back to this post as we update it throughout the week. How many predictions will we get wrong?The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2It’s happening!. Who knows when, but it’s happening!Luigi’s Mansion 3The green little bro teams up with his own weird green double.The Legend of Zelda: Link’s AwakeningThe Game Boy Zelda game (and secret best 2D Zelda game) gets a gorgeous remake.Animal Crossing New HorizonsEven on a deserted island Tom Nook will get his money.Fire Emblem: Three HousesFire Emblem is too anime these days but the strategy RPG core is rock solid.Dragon Quest XI SThe PS4 and 3DS versions smash together into one glorious package.Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020A weird retro mode actually has us intrigued about this latest mascot crossover.Daemon X MachinaHere’s hoping they incorporated the feedback from the shaky demo.Astral ChainIt’s not Bayonetta 3 but Platinum is still delivering some stylish Switch action this year.Panzer Dragoon: RemakeGeek freelancer Tony Polanco is losing his mind over this one.No More Heroes 3Return to Santa Destroy with Travis Touchdown.Marvel’s AvengersSquare Enix’s long-awaited Marvel game certainly looks expensive, but the lack of MCU actors sticks out like a sore Infinity Gauntlet thumb.Watch Dogs LegionIs the third time the charm for Ubisoft’s open world cyber thriller?Code VeinNamco’s vampiric action RPG is coming this September.Cyberpunk 2077We thought we couldn’t be more excited, and then Keanu Reeves showed up.Final Fantasy VII RemakeHere’s a real game, now with a real March 2020 release date.Halo InfiniteMaster Chief’s next journey takes him to the next Xbox.Gears of War 5A new sad song cover for a new Gears game.Elden RingGeorge R.R. Martin delayed his next book to write this so it better be good.Doom EternalThe new Doom game looks like a religious experience.Devolver BootlegThe weirdo indie publisher is selling real knock-off versions of its own games.Fallout 76 WastelandersCan this dead game live again?DeathloopThe makers of Dishonored bring us a new breed of assassins.GhostWire: TokyoPeople are vanishing in Japan and something spooky is afoot from the dude behind Resident Evil 4.Commander KeenSorry to burst your bubble but this is a F2P mobile game.Wolfenstein: YoungbloodIt’s the 1980s and all Nazis must die.Lego Star Wars The Skywalker SagaGet angry about The Last Jedi all over again you dumb nerds.Phantasy Star Online 2Enter a fantasy world where the Dreamcast survived.Borderlands 3Try not to think about Randy Pitchford.Dragon Ball Z: KakarotFinally, a game about Goku.Dying Light 2Are you sick to death of zombies yet?Gears Pop!I would also like to take a chainsaw to Funko Pop figures.Psychonauts 2Let’s see what Tim Schafer can do with Microsoft’s money at his disposal.BattletoadsFor a game no one actually needs this looks pretty cool.SpiritfarerThis game about gives souls a boat ride to the afterlife is going to destroy us.Persona 5 RoyalAs bummed as we are that Persona 5 isn’t on Nintendo Switch, this PS4 update does look pretty slick.Blair WitchThe witch is back. Stand in the corner.Bleeding EdgeAfter the dour psychosis of Hellblade, Ninja Theory’s latest melee looks much more upbeat.Minecraft DungeonsTry not to think about Notch.Ori and the Will of the WispsPlease bring this to Nintendo Switch.Microsoft Flight SimulatorPlanes never looked so good.The Outer WorldsLet’s see what Obsidian does with Microsoft’s money at its disposal.12 MinutesRussian Doll the video game?Way to the WoodsI’ve only know this dear for fifteen minutes but if anything happens to it I’ll kill all of you and then myself.Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderRespawn’s upcoming third-person Star Wars action-adventure game gives us serious Star Wars 1313 vibes.Apex Legends: Season 2EA’s surprise hit battle royale gets new modes, new weapons, and even a new character, Wattson.Darksiders GenesisThe Darksiders franchise has always borrowed from the best, and this new spin-off looks very “inspired” by Diablo.Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible LairYooka-Laylee goes from 3D to 2D in a new platformer that’s more Donkey Kong Country than Donkey Kong 64.Pokemon Sword and ShieldPokemon Sword and Shield look like the baby step closer to the full-on AAA open-world console Pokemon game of our dreams.SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom Re-HydratedPeople are really excited for the return of this SpongeBob game. We’re not here to judge.Baldur’s Gate 3The legendary dark fantasy RPG comes back from the dead, this time on Google’s ambitious new Stadia streaming platform.Destiny 2: ShadowkeepDestiny begins its brand new post-Activision life with a new expansion featuring those beloved Moon wizards. Thanks to the new free-to-play model, there’s never been a better time to jump in.FIFA 2020EA’s latest soccer game adds some much-appreciated throwback street flavor with Volta Football.The Sims 4: Island LifeManaging fake people on a deserted island is basically a survival game, just with a cheery Sims skin.Destroy All Humans!All we want from this remake of the cult classic open-world alien invasion simulator is for the main character to still have a Jack Nicholson voice. Stay on targetlast_img read more

White roofs streets could curb global warming

first_imgThe idea of painting our roofs and roads white to offset global warming is not new, but a recent study has calculated just how significantly white surfaces could impact greenhouse gas emissions. Last week, researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and UC Berkeley presented their study at California’s annual Climate Change Research Conference in Sacramento. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. White, green or black roofs? New report compares economic payoffs If the 100 largest cities in the world replaced their dark roofs with white shingles and their asphalt-based roads with concrete or other light-colored material, it could offset 44 metric gigatons (billion tons) of greenhouse gases, the study shows. That amounts to more greenhouse gas than the entire human population emits in one year, according to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times. The strategy could also offset the growth in carbon dioxide emissions, which account for about 75% of greenhouse gases, for the next 10 years.The reason for white is simple: white reflects the sun´s rays more than black does. The study´s coauthor, LBNL physicist Hashem Akbari, explained that it takes about 10 square meters of white roof to offset 1 metric ton of carbon dioxide. In warm climates, white roofs have the additional benefit of lowering the cost of air conditioning by up to 20% in hot months.It´s this second reason of reduced cooling costs that prompted the state of California to require in 2005 that flat-roofed commercial buildings have white roofs. In 2009, the state will require that new and retrofitted residential and commercial, with both flat and sloped roofs, be installed with heat-reflective roofing. The requirements are part of California´s energy-efficient building code.Globally, roofs account for about 25% of the surface of most cities, and pavement accounts for about 35%. Even without cutting industrial pollution from current levels, installing white roofs and pavements could offset more than 10 years of emissions growth, according to the conference data. Economically, the scientists estimate that white roofs and roads could save billions of dollars per year in reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Besides offsetting global warming and reducing cooling costs, white surfaces offer a third benefit: they could cool a city by a few degrees, which dramatically reduces smog.The LBNL physicists plan to work with the United Nations to persuade the world´s major tropical and temperate cities to adopt white roofing and pavement strategies.Akbari, along with coauthors Surabi Menon of LBNL and California Energy Commissioner Arthur Rosenfield, will publish the study, called “Global Cooling: Increasing Worldwide Urban Albedos to Offset CO2,” in an upcoming issue of the journal Climate Change.More information: Global Cooling Presentationvia: Los Angeles Times center_img Explore further Citation: White roofs, streets could curb global warming (2008, September 17) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2008-09-white-roofs-streets-curb-global.htmllast_img read more